6 month 21 days, led by the Ministry of Agriculture Organization of 10 provinces and cities nationwide Agricultural Bureau held the 2016 Committee, first aid green agricultural achievements experience exchange forum in Xining. It is reported that since the agricultural aid green, the Ministry of agriculture has arranged for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry funds up to 8 billion yuan. At the same time, the province’s counterpart aid green invested a total of 350 million yuan, accounting for about 7% of the total amount of aid green funds, accounting for the past two years, the total amount of aid to the work of green agriculture and animal husbandry in the past 53.8% of the total investment of five. read more

this year, north area according to the project location problem, take the building, building, the Justice Bureau, health supervision archives, business premises and other 3 government investment projects and the north area sanitation building and parking lot construction, project construction, the overall project construction progress smoothly.
North Sanitation District comprehensive building and park covers an area of 13045.1 square meters, plans to build 1 17 storey office building, 3 layer integrated Business Archives storehouse and the underground parking lot, a total construction area of 25086.8 square meters. The spirit of "construction project planning and construction of a reasonable layout, intensive land use, save money", to build business District Justice Bureau, housing district archives office, District Health Supervision Institute of housing and sanitation building, and the 3 district archives archives, the underground parking lot with the main project of environmental sanitation comprehensive building for the construction, the implementation of unified planning and procedures, unified design, unified construction, quality and schedule control of the "five unified" service management, the need for four or five sets of separate planning and construction procedures, take a number of departments of time and manpower in a number of construction projects, the integration of a scale of construction projects, not only make full use of the limited construction land resources, saving construction funds, but also ensures the quality monitoring of project construction and implementation schedule. The construction units to overcome the unfavorable factors to the construction of the complex geological conditions, the difficulty of the foundation engineering construction, strengthen the organization and management of construction projects, construction quality, progress, the building of 7 storey main sanitation construction, 3 layers of archives has been completed.
north area from the area of the development of space is limited, the actual construction projects for the increasing difficulty of different types of construction projects to find potential mining, construction land, with the construction of embedded Tang, the joint construction of land consolidation, "dig chimeric linkage" to solve the project construction land difficult the problem, and achieved good results. read more

Huangzhong county cadres at all levels in the service of the masses to work at the grassroots level, adhere to the heart to go to the grassroots level, with the style of love, hard work to do practical things, won the unanimous praise of the masses.

mind grassroots

cadres at all levels in the process of visiting contact households, not only the body into the grassroots, but also into the hearts of the masses, and the masses face to face, heart to heart exchanges, to grasp the true idea of grassroots people. The county 1566 cadres and grassroots level of more than 5 thousand and 560 people, visited the masses of more than 1.76 households, the collection of opinions and suggestions of the masses of the people of the proposed article, more than more than 9800 public diary records of the article. And the formation of 60 volunteer service team to contact points carried out a free clinic, art show, science and technology to the countryside, the comprehensive improvement of environmental sanitation activities 383 times, serving the masses more than 1.16 people. A point of contact propaganda policies and regulations in the 1652 games, the propaganda and education of masses up to more than 21.35 people, the policy of benefiting the party and the state and the benefits of agricultural subsidies will be known to every family, and rural residents, "two rooms" for the construction of a series of policies to strengthen agriculture and benefit farmers. With love to style read more

The reporter learned from the provincial forestry department in our province, to further promote the construction of nature reserves in the first half of this year, do a good job in the Dulan salt marsh Provincial Nature Reserve and Golmud poplar promotion national nature reserve to declare the work at the same time, also identified 14 counties declared national wetland park.

August 4th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal People’s Procuratorate anti corruption Bureau, in the first half of this year, Xining prosecutors Anti-Corruption Bureau into

one step to strengthen the fight against crime efforts, the first half of the investigation of corruption and bribery cases 30, of which 23 cases, economic losses of more than 900


according to the Xining municipal procuratorate anti corruption Department official, in the first half of this year, the city’s Procuratorate anti-corruption Department received a total of 113 kinds of clues to report, read more

4 21 in the morning, hosted by the Provincial Sports Bureau, provincial agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai province people’s government, farmers and herdsmen Sports Association for the thirteenth farmers and herdsmen in Qinghai province men’s basketball tournament at the start of the Delingha city cultural activity center whistle, 12 teams, 150 athletes from across the province will launch a 5 day game.

at the opening ceremony, basketball hall crowded, many local people came to watch the game, Haixi ethnic song and dance troupe presented with folk custom dance performances for the audience and athletes, cheer for the basketball match up. It is understood that the competition to promote healthy fitness · concentric build Chinese dream "as the theme, the first stage grouping round robin, second stage cross system to determine the final ranking, China basketball match will use the latest audited" basketball competition rules ", every game is divided into four sections, each section 10 2 minutes break between two minutes. read more

Today, with the last of a long Lanzhou passenger rail smooth mortise and connected, Lanzhou to Xinjiang railway passenger dedicated line has attracted much attention after 5 years of construction (hereinafter referred to as the new passenger line is the previously, people often say the second Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron or Lanzhou Gansu) track laying completed, but also marks the Lanzhou passenger dedicated line laying is completed across the board, means that the country’s first railway passenger dedicated line completed the longest total disposable pull through, since then, the Lanzhou passenger entered the final sprint stage, from August onwards Lanzhou passenger dedicated Gansu and Qinghai segment will enter the FBI test stage, to make full preparations for the smooth realization of the end of the year. The long rail tunnel connecting the two Qilian Mountains last July 30th at noon, the scorching sun, the sky was clear, Lan Xinke designed a number of Qilian Mountains tunnel workers are tense construction, while the rail flash welding machine welding flowers scattered, while laying machine mechanical operation will be two 500 meters long rail into the tunnel and start laying connection. According to reports, the Qilian Mountains tunnel is a full range of control works, a total length of 6567 meters, is currently under construction in the world’s highest passenger dedicated line tunnel. Qilian Mountains tunnel has experienced technical research problems of water and mud burst, hypoxia, by more than 1 thousand and 200 people 55 months of construction, in early July ushered in the completion of the main project, today is the last of a long blue new passenger dedicated rail connection finally here last. Lanzhou passenger dedicated line through the countdown to the new passenger line length of 1776 kilometers, across provinces, through the Qinghai Qilian Mountains high altitude, through the desert next door, about to enter the laying the closing stages, it crosses the Tibetan "iron silk road, the distance across the board through the end of the countdown. Lanzhou passenger line is a key project of the CPC Central Committee and State Council to implement the western development strategy, is the construction of an important transportation channel Silk Road Economic Belt ", Lanzhou Xinjiang passenger line from LanZhou West Railway Station led by Qinghai province Xining, Gansu Province, Zhangye Jiuquan, Jiayuguan, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Hami, Turpan, the Urumchi Railway Station, a total of 31 the station. This railway is a national railway passenger line I, the design of the highest speed of 250 kilometers per hour, is currently the world’s longest construction mileage of high-speed railway. The capture of a number of difficulties in the construction of Railway Passenger Dedicated Railway world alpine region in June by snow, the Gobi desert, Qilian Mountains Dabanshan region, flying sand and rolling pebbles, height of 3800 meters above sea level, natural condition is very bad. Since the construction started in 2010, about one hundred thousand from the railway builders from all sides gathered in the Silk Road, trying to overcome the cold and oxygen, poor natural environment, working conditions, material shortages and other difficulties, overcome the debris flow Geological Tunnel, extreme drought conditions of ballastless track construction and a number of world railway construction problems, to ensure the safety of the engineering construction smooth progress. The Dabanshan tunnel across the board in February 13, 2014 through the longest. "Overnight" from Lanzhou to Xinjiang in less than 9 hours as an important part of China’s "long-term railway network planning", Lanzhou passenger line is completed, will form a new large capacity fast rail corridors in Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang provinces interval, will not only improve the railway network in West China greatly promote Asia europe; read more

The development strategy of

in order to better close to the electric energy of our country, close to the science of China’s power industry development, sound and rapid development, close to the actual power enterprise open fair competition development, power demand close to the masses, to serve the local economic and social development, the industry in July 31st, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission held power supervision in Xining (Qinghai) forum. Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Luo Yulin, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission party members, vice chairman Wang Yeping attended the meeting and delivered a speech. read more