November 2017

saw a message of love released in Shanghai today in the A5 website, this information is related to the chain, after reading I have deep feelings, love Shanghai since the storm from June last year the K has in the past 10 months, in 10 months there are countless the net station is K, and there are countless websites back online, and for most web sites which can not escape the chain to get rid of this information and love Shanghai open is countless stationmaster pointed out a new direction, following the author to talk through this news with the author’s experience which website stop the construction of the chain. read more

website design now has a large amount of schools, is the simple type, a color, animation, exhibition, the two design schools often adapt to different types of Web sites, if only to your site to set, it is very easy to cause the irrelevant, usually foreign the site requires simple type, because the foreigner’s aesthetic taste and the people have great differences, and if you do the site, especially the female website, then the color, the reasonable collocation of animation, more likely to attract the user’s eye read more