July 2017

SEO has written articles for nearly two months, a little work wonders feeling, think you can insist on a year, did not think it will be two months for the subject matter of this article should have brains, friends, for their new line to "free shopping" as the core of the electricity supplier website types the diagnostic analysis, and the results of the analysis provide website optimization plan, take out and do all the webmaster friends share.

since it is the website that analyses a friend, the link address can share as well: http://s.epin.com welcomes fellow friend to analyse. read more

updated the site and hit the root. Forced to suck, ahem… Well… Choking! Look at the screen before was filled with a trace of smoke, I thought like with the slightest smoke to another world. Without the worldly sinister and stationmaster’s loneliness and loneliness, I forgot myself, forgot all, and immersed in the happiness and happiness of two people.

a year ago, I was a child only know absolutely ignorant of, a lonely person hiding in a no one corner to read Jin Yong Gu Long’s martial arts novels, because the feeling only in the story, to find the ownership of their own, and forget what kind of helpless reality. Later, by chance and a friend to the Internet bar, I know that the network is more exciting than books. It’s really like entering another world. Since then, I’ve been hooked on the Internet and hooked on the game. Remember, as if the journey is the journey, no day, night play. Because in it, I can no longer take into account much, as long as their own pay (money and time), you can get everything in reality can not get. With their own money, I have my own family, their own gang, with their own hands where the stick and the crotch to which Unicorn mounts, I finally hit a world of their own. Have your own kingdom. Regardless of the game or the reality, I always believe that the rights and money are always the symbol of the strong. Later, I had my own princess water. Let me change my view of the world, and life begins to change from here. read more

in the winter of 2009 for the grass-roots webmaster is very sad, but also grassroots disaster in winter, facing the bad running pressure, taking out, face down a number of sites, in the face still gasping website, as a grassroots and how we face it…… believe. Many webmaster in this ordeal grow, jiol is also in the ordeal groping, here is simply a few points, we hope these grassroots webmaster can survive in this storm…..

1, calm down, with ordinary heart to

In the face of read more


website officially launched nearly 20 days, as has been the recent promotion of the preparation, with a lot of friends more, get a lot of new ideas and suggestions, thank you very much for the new group and the care and support of our team. Recently, my biggest feeling is that entrepreneurship must maintain a good attitude, correct attitude, in order to get happiness in business, otherwise, entrepreneurship will be very painful thing.

recently read a book "the greatest salesman in the world", maybe many people have read the book, I do not read, because I am completely in accordance with the requirements of the book in the daily read three times of parchment, I was able to read the second chapter after a month, but the first two chapters give inspiration I have too much, so I gradually formed the habit of getting up early, I don’t go to the excessive consumption of life, I also gradually changing every member of our team, I am proud to tell you, after a week of adjustment, we have all 12 points the rest, 9 in the morning, every member of their own work on time. read more

tiger sniffing network author Luo Chao published in the "global business classics" magazine

remember the first contact with watercress in 2006. At that time, I was a young onion engineering students, network addiction, I mostly spare time in the computer room. Busy campus life, always feel that life is missing something. Until a rainy day bored in the room, found a rough looking website – bean. It took me ten minutes to feel vaguely that this was the thing I had been missing. read more

doesn’t know if you’ve seen anything like this. In search engine search results, it’s only the title of the website and the snapshot date, instead of showing the description. Where is that description?

1: Web description information base.


web site description information is located in the Head section of the HTML code, defined by the meta tag. The description tag does not display on the page, just as the search engine provides page information abstract, although the description information does not affect the site’s ranking, but a good ranking can on the site click rate to play a good role in promoting. read more

with the rapid development of the Internet, China’s Web site is undergoing major changes. A blog as a representative of a group of Web2.0 website gradually show outcrop feet, these sites to the rise of the traditional Sohu, such as Sina Web1.0 portals have brought tremendous impact, and even a professional commentators believe that Web2.0 will eventually replace the Web1.0 site to site. However, on the Internet, the voice of Web2.0 wave after wave of time, most of our pet sites are still asleep in the dream of web1.0. However, there are also a small number of pet sites are in full swing revision, hoping to become the industry’s first site to eat crabs. read more

Event Background:

‘s recent negative stories about buying sites are endless. Among them, the main problem is to buy a large number of websites, quality is uneven. For example, 1288 buy nets because of low prices to attract users to pay, but never shipped, and eventually by the police investigation; some buy site website false buy number, leading to the user to business consumption blocked; and so on. In addition, the "buy slave" phenomenon caused by group buying every day has become one of the concerns of the market. read more

winter, give people a sense of chill.

the winter of the Internet will bring a taste of depression.

is winter coming yet,


, "winter" concept

Ma Yun in an email to employees in openly declared that the whole economic situation is not optimistic, the next winter will be even longer than you imagine! More complex more cold!! we are prepared to spend the winter. "" the winter "theory point of view one, like a stone into the calm lake, immediately waves four play.

no matter who is put forward, the Internet has arrived in the winter, to make ready for the winter, or the network media to stir the Internet on the winter, all this makes people feel a sudden all war, you hurry up, otherwise, will likely survive the brutal winter". read more

although Baidu statistical tool is Baidu’s official analysis tools, but the number of people has been used is not very much, and more people are still choosing Google Analytics analysis tools. Fortunately, relative to the stable Google Analytics, Baidu statistical tools have often been updated, and now, Baidu statistical tools is becoming mature, it has been able to provide some very good data analysis precision, even in many places is not provided by the Google Analytics tools.

The first thing read more