April 2017

open auto supplies store to make money? How to make money? Auto industry investment enthusiasm continues to rise, all because of the industry development prospects. If you want to have the protection of the investment business, you can learn about the investment in advance knowledge, Xiaobian finishing a few points, hoping to help you.

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is it possible for a store to be able to deal with a customer, and often does not take much time, often in seconds?. In short, a good shop, in three seconds will be able to seize the customer. And we tend to indulge in the recommendation and services, chatter of publicity, the result makes the customer a sense of tension. Instead of using sound service, it is better to use silent display! What is the focus display?

to attract the attention of customers, improve customer focus on the rate of goods and try to extend the customer’s passenger line, guide customers to visit the whole store, in order to improve the proportion of customer impulse buying. Is the focus on display in the store, the most able to attract customers attention local configuration suitable goods, and give the best display technique, maximize customer fitting rate, thereby increasing the purchase rate, in order to promote sales. read more

many people feel that entrepreneurship is very difficult, in fact, is that you do not choose to join the project. I heard that joining the hometown of cloud fashion shoes project is very good. High quality entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurial success is just around the corner! Join the hometown of cloud fashion shoes? Good project, good choice!

good shade trees, home fashion shoes, big brand, make money more secure

old Beijing cloth shoes what brand of good tree shade, many entrepreneurs have chosen the hometown cloud this brand investment. Hometown cloud, she is the perfect combination of fashion shoes and comfort. Old Beijing cloth shoes what brand of good company invested heavily in the company headquarters, home fashion shoes in the mainstream of the mainstream of the media continued, a large number of brand promotion. Old Beijing cloth shoes what brand of good, now home fashion shoes in the product visibility and reputation level, home fashion shoes in the shoe industry has been well-known cloud. Hometown Cloud strong brand effect, fashion shoes have led to a wave of consumer trends, for the country to join the chain stores continue to contribute to the continuous, huge traffic. read more


environmental pollution is very serious, so the development of environmental protection industry governance has become very fast, can become a wealth driven industry, environmental pollution to people from their own environmental protection start, which promote the development of environmental protection products, some entrepreneurs see good prospects for environmentally friendly products, environmentally friendly products to choose their own business franchise in the shop before, store location is the key. read more

although the western fast food bursting with popularity, and people still in favor of Chinese fast food, Chinese fast food franchise market is potential domestic. Would like to open a Chinese fast food franchise, first of all to find the brand, then in the selection of the brand when there are tricks?

Methods and skills of

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auto beauty stores want to succeed in business, need to do what preparations? This is a lot of franchisees are more concerned about the problem. If you are a novice and want to learn more practical skills, you can quickly come up with a small series to see it. We start from the location and so on, to provide you with business analysis.

a selection standard.

the selected sites is in line with the market positioning of you, is your target population is concentrated enough.

select the parking spaces in front of the window as rich as possible. read more

life, there are often a lot of husband and wife together entrepreneurship. Are generally open a small shop or get a snack stalls, as long as willing to endure hardship, basically will go to a good income. And now environmental entrepreneurship to win a lot of people’s attention, today’s Article 80 after the couple’s environmental entrepreneurship harvest rich wealth.

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are aware of every business shop has a complete industrial chain behind, collection, production, packaging, logistics, sales of a complete process of coordinated operation is the key point of a proper operation of the store. Take drinks shop procurement, how to establish a reasonable procurement model of the shop?.

1. establish a strict raw material procurement system

does not have a strict raw material procurement system, it can not effectively control the beverage shop. Depending on the size of the shop, the procurement function is not exactly the same. read more

Southwest Forestry University Innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere is very strong, with a lot of college students to actively participate in, and, in 2015 graduates employment and entrepreneurship work objectives and responsibilities of the new achievements!

the provincial college work, the Education Department of Yunnan Province, the province’s colleges and universities employment target responsibility assessment, Southwest Forestry University was awarded the "Yunnan province in 2015 college graduates employment work goal responsibility appraisal Award", "Yunnan Province in 2015 to encourage the students to do advanced collective". At the same time, Southwest Forestry University entrepreneurship Park was reviewed by the Yunnan Provincial Department of human resources and social security as the Yunnan youth entrepreneurship demonstration park, the provincial financial subsidies 1 million yuan. read more