Search engine optimization path is not so simple, do not feel good


in the love of Shanghai began to rough Shanghai dragon blow, and great efforts, many stand back to the night before liberation, K was injured all over the body. Have a brother live sports station at that time, because the website administrator of the website of Shanghai Longfeng site before so utterly ignorant of, nor had Shanghai Longfeng, so the brothers stand not only did not fall in the storm, but in the other over the collapse of the website optimization to a lot of traffic, of course, due to the relatively large flow of the station. Copyright NBA received mail, said the illegal broadcast station NBA events, to immediately stop the infringement, the man had to sell this station.

so far, keyword + chain model has gradually become the backward Shanghai Dragon technology, the early roots of Shanghai dragon Er began to study search engine optimization technology, individual owners have set up their own blog to share their Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng experience, the owners of the home, A5 forum, WHY, TUI18, Shanghai Dragon 28TUI forum platform has become the grassroots Shanghai dragon Er colony. Unfortunately, I become a part of them again, go on the Shanghai dragon no return, read a master optimization tutorial, have a link in hundreds of Shanghai dragon personal blog, leave their signatures in each big forum to speak in a little later, I once again put themselves as Shanghai dragon master.

to write a poem: monks got Mo optimization, the most terrible sciolistic, he love Shanghai update, the curse refers to Baidu scold.

a few years ago I started doing Shanghai dragon, it is relatively easy to do optimization, keyword stuffing to full page is more often, the density of higher ranking, and then to do outside the chain, each platform of Shanghai such as Shanghai love love, love the sea Post Bar know, love Shanghai encyclopedia so, the link is really can send the two strokes, basically can walk the world. I have a sports broadcast station, using the free space, the two level domain name, when I started in accordance with the optimization method of the most primitive, cheerful piled up with keywords, establish chain and brothers in Shanghai station, Post Bar advertisers, in Shanghai know the link, Baidu is to face every time there is a big game for the Rockets, the independent IP can break through 10 thousand, when the page is on the installation of Google advertising advertising Firefox and UUSEE, the old owners should have the impression that I was still a student of small earn living expenses. This small success I thought I was a Shanghai dragon master, feel good, coincides with the CN domain name of 1 yuan plus before the storm, the server does not have the filing requirements, I built a lot of website.

do stand six or seven years of learning, Shanghai dragon for four or five years, but the Internet technology and the search engine rules change soon, if not at any time to follow up, often will be eliminated. In this paper, I will mainly do stand in the process of failure to remind the current primary Shanghai dragon Er, in my lessons, away from the Shanghai dragon.

a few years ago, Shanghai dragon is.

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