The construction of the chain aspects of what is good outside chain

the best external links can say is "one-way link" is, one-way links are active to give each other the webmaster link, do not need to link back. Two of the most common web site links to each other is Links, but the weight than one-way links are much lower, get the weight of each other when the output weights of course than the other than one-way into high.

second: one-way links exchange links better than

: the first to bring a lot of traffic, improve the conversion rate of the link

third: spontaneous original and edit



station in Shanghai Longfeng angle, exterior link is the most direct and effective way to improve the ranking, but as the overall situation of the marketing point of view, get click flow to improve conversion rates is the ultimate goal, if you can get traffic from the link flow is very large, even with Nofollow, although there is no help to improve the ranking, but the traffic is good links. Do not forget the final optimization objective, conversion rate. The most common of such links is from portal advertising links, select the corresponding industry portals, or buy in a advertising, so as to obtain the website customer attention and then click on your own website, this brings customers to more direct, as exchange rate is very high.

, and I just point a number. Www.zhonghuasujiao贵族宝贝 on page tenth of this link is below 1460, to two am a clear contrast, reverse links but does not necessarily mean ranking.

: kohiki website weight and keywords ranking is determined by many factors, including the quantity and quality of the chain is very important, but the absolute number of ranking and external links are not peer relationship. Here we see an example for me, www.zerunsujiao贵族宝贝 website backlinks for example in the sea in search of plastic runway "nature is ranked second in the 544,

Shanghai Longfeng the key and most interesting is the construction of the chain, novice is a headache, with the experience accumulated, the construction of the chain will be more easily, but this is a long process and, believe you and I are in the stage of exploration for a long time, the process of growing up, seniors have to make a step is very important, today the chain analysis summary is affected by the inspiration of "universal friends", learning so long to finally write his own reading and understanding, and common progress. Rambling, straight into the topic, want to share today is "what kind of link is a good link" website:

this phenomenon will make many people confused, why their external links page, ranking than other competitors? How to improve the quality of the chain? What kind of link is to improve the good link weights of the website

there is a link.

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