Analysis of four types of search engines love abuse Shanghai dragon er

regardless of the success or failure of this kind of love unveiled in Shanghai dragon er. When a certain results continue to share their experience, this is a kind of in order to get peer recognition performance, this is no ground for blame. But when the failure is search engine punishment, often cannot admit your mistakes and failures, is unlikely to accept the reality of the people. In this kind of people will borrow from the search engine’s abuse to transfer his failed counterparts on the eyes, always just want to make myself a success image. But we know that no matter how successful the Shanghai dragon Er will inevitably encounter search engine nails, by the abuse of search engines to maintain their image will make you back.

real grassroots Shanghai dragon Er general is very practical, because as a grassroots Shanghai dragon Er did not have much resources, not much technical. The website to do, most of which is on the Shanghai dragon with a feces a urine up, when there is a good income will be very satisfied, feel a certain sense of accomplishment. But this type of Shanghai dragon Er is very fragile in the mind, when one day your website is search engine punishment, others will think everything he can express his behoove, demands on the network where continuous abuse of search engines, not broken to vent their anger, hope cause people’s attention.


most of this type of people are working in a number of full-time Shanghai dragon company, with a fixed monthly salary. If you don’t have any advice, there will not be any innovative practices, always with "

When the

: a kind of grassroots Shanghai dragon er

site is search engine punishment, the first step will be to do is think about why station will be punished, and know how to deal with the next step. Because the search engine doesn’t punish site, are often the A thing has its cause. However, a lot of Shanghai dragon er for the first time is not analysis, but the problems are rooted in the search engine, called search engine. Those every day in the search engine scold people, you have not thought you really should go to scold, scold? May help you increase blood pressure, reduce the psychological burden, let colleagues think you may know, can not bring the actual utility.

three, dawdle Shanghai dragon er

two, show off Shanghai dragon er

in real life since I sensible has slowly become rational, not free to anything around ". Including, he engaged in the Shanghai dragon this one Internet industry. In Shanghai dragon, website search engine this is an unavoidable problem is also a no ground for blame. Because I believe in myself and a lot of Shanghai dragon Er are very rational processing site penalized problem. But there are a handful of Shanghai dragon Er is called love search engine, the author of this part of the people to do a simple classification.

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