8 optimization means love Shanghai objectionable

Many of my friends have

normally, if the site weight is not high, suggestions don’t modify title, what is the weight is not high, for example, a snapshot of slow, included less, it is slow, low PR. If you change the title, a few days not updating the snapshot, which is likely to be reduced right; if your site is updated daily snapshot, change the title after second days will update. There is also a website title may be K, that is in a very short period of time, often modify title, friends need to pay attention to.

3, website



website keyword density, a lot of friends often counseling, keyword density is not in the 2%-8% between the best, which is as much as possible high ranking will be better, but this requires specific treatment according to the specific website, keywords do not deliberately increase or decrease, the nature can be, if the density increase deliberately, which can cause excessive optimization originally, a few keywords appear normal in the article, and you just want to add a lot of difficulty, read by users, BD is not allowed. As can be imagined, it should be BD drop right. Keep everything in nature.

2, keyword density

optimization in Shanghai some time ago because of love, love Shanghai quiet people a little puzzled. Recently the calm lake lake finally conceal the undercurrent. From before we send by K, the rain. Later these are for the industry to network marketing. For the love of Shanghai, a new round of adjustment, the site is caught? The reasons are as follows:

website is one of the most common sites down the right way, if the site traffic, do not need revision, if indeed affect the user experience, which will slowly change, not one for second days, caused BD to crawl your site, you changed, you do not know, that BD is a new station, you also need to know your new sites, you need to re verify the review, down the right, for a period of time, but if high weight, will soon be good, if the weight is low, the time may grow.

4, external links number and link speed


external links are very important, but when posting links to note, new and old station prior to the construction of the link, the number of the mid late link building is not the same, after the establishment of new railway station, etc. because the content is not perfect, the number of links do not need too much, the growth rate is also increasing. In the eyes of search engines, a new station, could not get a lot of links in a short period of time, there may be exceptions, we all think of themselves as no exception on the line, site stability, increase the number of links every day, time and frequency to a. A lot of friends to your site keywords do the home page, think it is not doing the link, do not link long time, ranking will disappear. Remember, the web site is a continuous process of

1, the title change was

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