After the detailed site is how to restore K

but it never mind. The site is K, there are many webmaster not downhearted, recovery methods, comprehensive those past by the experience of K, the author thinks that the chain and content is the main cause of the site has been K off, but today the share is not how to recover through the chain, but another one size, through the revision to restore K off the site, here’s what the author’s method of operation.

3, modified version finished after don’t change.

2, prepared to modify their materials, such as templates, advertising settings, title, keywords, description of settings, these need to be ready, do not wait until after the finished version to slowly find.

4, to re submit your site to search engine landing entrance, this is very simple, but very useful.

3, prepared a soft Wen, the purpose is to change after the fast through the soft Wen to attract the spider crawling.

, can not be sloppy, morning change, afternoon change, which is undesirable.

4, let the website chain continue to rise, this is very important, not because of the chain dropped suddenly and the revision of their work a crushing deficit.

2, after the change, the space must be stable, don’t just finished version, the space is open, this is taboo.

here we come to talk about the revision of the operation.

6, to each big website for a valid query, such as Webmaster Tools query included, as long as the query website.

1, ready to publish to the soft, well-known websites, such as a push, A5, the owners of the home, Shanghai dragon WHY and other famous sites, to attract the spider crawling.

5, continue to do the chain increasing. To Wikipedia, Post Bar, love Shanghai know to do outside the chain, as long as the chain is included on the line.

5, to complete the revision of

first look at the need to do the preparatory work before the revision of

1, guarantee the stability of the space, if the space is not stable before the revision, then change it, until you find the stable space began to change.

small make up to share the experience, when their station was K when Oh, previous articles, outside the chain of passion is not, in other words is sluggish, and the site is K is invisible let owners begin to doubt their own optimization is really good, says the increase in Internet the chain update is not really effective K. The net strange promotion that other webmasters sharing is right, but in two places will have different effects with a method. Not to mention the website of this virtual things, all search engine mood, of course if you don’t have to challenge his bottom line, the natural site will not be K, may sometimes challenge themselves and unaware of his bottom line.

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