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how it should operate? To explore the commercial operation of the micro-blog

is used as an accounting company, issued by the usual micro-blog content not registered company how much money, how much of this cost is limited without nutrition topics. In the ordinary work summary of customers are most concerned about is what kind of problems, and then sort out on micro-blog, such as "unlicensed what risk?", "enterprise liquidation deadline is what time?" and so on some hot issues. And you can put some companies how to manage, put some related headlines today, pithy sayings etc. information, attract other micro-blog users forwarding and attention, increase the number of micro-blog fans.

generally, the opening of the new micro-blog, it is best not to use the company’s full name to name. Because the company’s full name as micro-blog’s name, the first is not conducive to people to find the information of the company; second others see this micro-blog has psychological resistance. I want you to see a micro-blog company, you rarely pay attention to? Of course, if the company has a very big influence would have to say. According to the personal experience, the company name micro-blog is best to use a key and company or brand name combination (username: keywords – brand name). Because of this name, regardless of the user search keywords or industry company can quickly find the micro-blog company information, improve the information coverage of micro-blog.

website, it is the soul of content. As a newly opened micro-blog, the content is more important. Because of the high quality content can quickly increase micro-blog fans. If a micro-blog content enough to attract people, often trigger others forward, after someone forwarded the company micro-blog, there will be more people to go forward and attention, the number of micro-blog fans of this company is like a snowball, snowball, snowball.

content should be diversifiedWhether it is micro-blog or

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Internet has been in full swing, the use of micro-blog marketing can bring more potential customers for the enterprise. I believe that the vast majority of enterprises have their own company micro-blog, but many enterprises found that after the micro-blog open, and did not imagine so good business, such as the opening of the new micro-blog no followers, not micro-blog fans forwarding, let alone improve the corporate image and visibility, bring the intention of customers. Then in the opening of the new micro-blog


content try to let more people can see, people look at micro-blog is the use of spare time to see, but often issued by micro-blog will be others micro-blog down, not to show the amount of good. So micro-blog to choose the time to send. It is observed that eight to nine o’clock in the morning, twelve to one at noon, six pm to eight points this time, micro-blog can let more people to view.


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