Zhang Xufan on the mall website using iframe and frame tags (original)

website content page is also a need for this type of label support. Due to the impact of Taobao, many mall sites are not by imitation baby details page. However, they do not take into account the feeling of the search engine. Do not know if you have not found, sometimes QQ mall products will have a high ranking. But this is rarely, competitors can easily be down.

? We all know that

architect at www.guakao168贵族宝贝 feeds, reproduced please keep the source

< iframe> and < frame> tag is abandoned to search engine, is inadmissible. This is the official release of Shanghai love Shanghai Longfeng guidelines, clear (Google has clearly stated that this omission). The search engine does not adopt the label, should we give up? In fact, we found that many sites are flexible use of this type of label.

mall site on the rational use of

In this paper, a

at this point, how should we respond? In fact for mall websites using a method we use < iframe> frame> < to fill. There is a friend that you can use JS, the same is true. Every single product we can use the anchor text. This kind of code is like fair, 58 this classification information website list page

we do not deny that this kind of product page user experience is very good, but it is fatal for the search engine marketing website. So, here we each product in order not to repeat or similarity is too high, we must use this kind of tags. Each product page, generally have 300-500 word written content keywords. Such as product quality, logistics etc. a large number of duplicate content all thrown into the < iframe> and < frame> inside. So you are the content of the page is a search engine to know. On page similarity, in my previous article taught you, here no longer do tired.

mall is the main product list page by a lot of pictures. This kind of shopping malls to give people the feeling to be comfortable, if the text is too much, give users a visual fatigue, is not suitable for the user experience. But the search engine, goods list too many pictures, the weight is very low. A lot of people will say, ALT description tags ah, actually so many pictures will give a sense of how search engines? What site is there are a lot of pictures? That is the picture station. In this case, the search engine will classify you as a picture station. In the picture inside the station may your keywords ranking will be very high. This is a large number of product keywords mall is difficult to have a ranking, is a large number of pictures and anchor text not deal with good results.


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