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speaking of website content updates, may be a lot of people are still holding not to regard it as right, but is to cope with the search engine. Especially for the enterprise web site, most people would think the content of the customer which have time and interest to look at your site. Customers are generally direct online consultation or telephone consultation. So the general enterprise website customer browsing depth is not high. Pv and IP ratio is low. I also think so at first, but I also think the enterprise website content really can not explain what, for example, a site construction company, I don’t think this company website content is good, what is the relationship between the technology level and the site of the original is not their original.

website operation

for users to access your site isn’t open, or open slowly, more serious consequences, search engines crawl your site to visit next time, it is also likely to come back, and for users may not come. The site for the unstable operation of the user experience on the site of injury is great. Your potential customers resulting in loss, too bad.

The stability of the

website content quality and update

practitioners, some people in order to website two or three months did not see the effect and anxious, some people are beginning to do a long battle plan. They have strategies, plans and beliefs, have patience. No long-term effect is still leisurely, significant effect is not happy, but excellence. This is a terrible opponent, a wolf like rival.

but then I realized my mistake. In fact, you can think of, the content of why customers do not look at your website, this is to say the website content update quality and value. What is the content of the article is valuable, you write good literary talent is not pure original??! Your message customer needs, to help customers the content is of value. >

fast ranking erfrischt, long-term stable ranking is wisdom to.


some people say that mark is not modern people eager for success, eager to success is the symbol of modern people. I believe the majority of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have a sense of excitement to a fast ranking, because the site will also long not to see the effect and flustered, even if you don’t fear your boss will make you nervous. But I also believe that there is such a group of people thinking about long-term stability ranking problem in distress, website. I was distressed, think of today by "website on: love to talk about a" don’t break up the title and share exchange and love Shanghai.

Shanghai dragon

stable operation is the most basic factor, and if your website is for this reason that the ranking is not stable, is really the most tragic factors. For search engines, it to crawl your site as lovers date, number of times you miss more, the girl will inevitably be angry, if you make Baidu angry, the consequences will be grievous.

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