The role of brand for enterprise site keywords

?One reason: the conversion of brand keywords can quickly improve the website

overlooking the search by the industry, we can find that a relatively large flow basically are some key words in the well-known large sites firmly grasp, if you have that these sites and a stroke of courage, I think it is a kind of competition and more brave than wise behavior, for these sites, even if you have a unremittingly heart to see results or a long period of time, or even just useless. The number of keywords, the webmaster why far away, for a tree instead of the entire forest. But even if we really put these words do we want to position, but these words can not let you look at fiercely as a tiger does competitors comfortable keep ranking. We except through some long tail keywords, the keywords I want to talk about today’s brand. Then the enterprise brand keywords and keyword mainstream compared to why its so important for an enterprise

brand and the popular keywords, which basically is the one and only a brand name or a corporate logo of keywords, so these words with other words in the relative intensity of competition will be low. This we can also say, as Taobao mall at the end of last year has just changed its name to Tmall and Tmall, the word may be a lot of people and I are the same as the first time to see the keywords on the Internet is basically not what relevant information, thus optimizing the difficulty will be relatively low.

when we build our brand keywords is not only in order to obtain more site traffic, and more love is deep in order to improve the awareness of the site, reducing the dependence on the number of keywords, long tail keywords. We can also give an example, that is basically all users are aware of taobao贵族宝贝, taobao贵族宝贝 we know has blocked the search engine spiders crawling, but every day he still has such high flow, >

high conversion rate of every enterprise is the site’s dream. But the enterprise brand keywords for the site’s conversion rate and profound relationship. We can say, for example, I want to buy a piece of clothing on the Internet, I believe many people and I like love to choose a brand of clothing, although this kind of clothing and relatively ordinary clothing prices will be high, but we all feel that this brand of clothing quality will be relatively secure. This we can see that the brand can increase consumer trust, when consumers in the subconscious to establish its brand trust, enterprises worry rate does not put up. So the author thinks that the corporate brand keywords site will be far-reaching impact on the site’s conversion rate of

brand keywords relatively high rate of


three reasons: the popularity of

two: relative to other words, enterprise’s brand competitiveness will be smaller


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