To avoid the deadly Shanghai dragon Er successful promotion blind point the day and await for it


for the purpose of making money do stand

has just entered the center of this industry, there will be a master site of psychology, so it is hard for them to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the predecessors, simply by virtue of their idea of operation. But the fact is the lack of novice webmaster experience, with our own power blind attempt will not only waste their time, there are likely to face down the dangerous site.

search engine and user experience is the main source of traffic to the site, because the search engine will directly affect the site’s ranking, so owners should pay attention to search engine. But you want to make your site get high flow long, we must understand the user’s personal experience, the only way to achieve win-win.

in the age of the Internet today, online users gradually increased, the number of owners in Shanghai Longfeng industry is gradually increasing. Especially those young people, in their view, can bring a sense of accomplishment and their interests to do stand, can also make their own value can be verified. But most novice webmaster is the lack of experience, after seeing the success of predecessors, they began to restless. This will often have a wrong judgment and practice, so Xiaobian summed up the novice webmaster should not have five kinds of wrong ideas.

yes, do stand to make money, but if you want your website to do more successful, if you want to make yourself more experience, then you should not to make money for the purpose. You know, the site is not a short duration of time to complete, this is the need for a long time of accumulation, but also to focus on the user experience. But many novice webmaster on this point is not very understanding, because of lack of experience, for instant success, often ignore the user experience, do some things such as The loss outweighs the gain., in order to make money on the site too much advertising.

only focus on the popular search engine while ignoring the user experience

Most of station

too arrogant, do not listen to the views of senior

focus on the scale of website but ignore the quality and details of

novice webmaster because the available resources are limited in many aspects, so when the operation of the site there will be a lot of limitations. If this time, can do fine in details, then the site will greatly increase the chances of success. But if the blind pursuit of quantity, it is easy to ignore these small details, this.

do not develop a long-term plan to

want to do a website, it must be started before the position, so in the process of doing station will have no clue, do not know how to continue. The novice webmaster is often a hot head, think of what to do, don’t go to plan, the positioning of the site is free to. Go on for so long it will not only lose the search engine to their website trust, they will lose their users, flow naturally did not accumulate up.

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