Love of Shanghai know the benefits of open platform of Shanghai dragon er

is the first love from Shanghai: know where the indirect drainage to the main station

said here is not what we usually do outside the chain of love that Shanghai know Shanghai open platform, but love a love of Shanghai based on Web search and love Shanghai know the openness of knowledge sharing platform, as long as you have a formal business license can apply online, through the audit, you can have a your company provides Shanghai love quiz platform.

is not the same as love Shanghai know, love Shanghai know open platform can easily put a link, because the right to audit in our own hands. The chain released on this platform are effective and high quality, because this is our own maintenance platform, there is a good correlation between the content and the main station. The weight of this platform will gradually increase, the quality of the chain released this platform will be more and more high. This is our own culture a chain of the platform, and this platform operation and maintenance is very simple, we do not need to spend a lot of time.

and our own culture love Shanghai know open platform, because the structure and love Shanghai almost know, so is the deep love of spiders, almost all know open platform have quite good performance in the collection, and the spider crawling along with almost every hour and moment not, therefore, lead to the platform no better than the spider love Shanghai know how.

is a perfect chain release point

many people are now looking for the spider place, before Shanghai and Post Bar know love is a good place to seduce spider, but with more and love Shanghai and know Post Bar link to the more stringent, in these 2 places to seduce spider becomes more and more difficult.

is the best place to lead spider

we all know, now want to know to love Shanghai directly through the traffic to the site is difficult, we can lead to our own users to know the open platform, and then lead to our master. This is the operating principle in detail: love Shanghai to know each open platform open API interface, we can set the keyword index in their own platform above, put in Shanghai love to know the latest issues include this keyword onto our platform. When we see these new questions on their own platform, we can answer, in their own platform this time, our answers will be synchronized to love Shanghai know there, and, in response to people there will be one of our logo platform, users can click on the logo platform to know, and then click to our site

as master stationThe

platform is to master can indirectly bring a lot of traffic, there are 2 kinds of the traffic source:

can bring rich flow

this platform is very worthy of Shanghai dragon Er to operate, because it..:

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