On the education and training of website promotion method

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two, the blog promotion

Links exchange

search engine optimization, I believe we are not unfamiliar, it is a kind of method for the lowest cost and most effective. If the mining amount of long tail keywords, each page of the website to Shanghai dragon, it will bring considerable traffic to the site, and can bring more potential customers, so as to enhance the site’s conversion rate.

four, the Internet open platform

, along with the development of Internet technology and the increasingly mature, network education has become a mainstream way of learning, has become a hotspot of educational services. Through the analysis of the successful experience of some countries is not difficult to see, the network education has become an important part of personal occupation career, but also an important way to break the bottleneck of a personal occupation occupation transition. Today, the network education site overwhelming, so how to make your own website under the network push talent shows itself? 365 training sites of some commonly used network marketing method to summarize.

found some related with their web site and higher weight exchange friendship >

blog marketing is already a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, is to find some weight higher blog platform, open up one or more blogs for their website, add some blog circle, at least the next time will be one to two as the main blog blog, daily update a number of articles, and push to the blogosphere, insist for a long time can not only improve the weights of the blog, but also bring a large amount of access to the site. About the methods and skills of a blog, you can search to love Shanghai a basket, the author here in detail.

, a search engine optimization

can do the forum to bring traffic to the site is also very impressive, but in some weight high BBS hair with some advertising text posts will be the forum administrator seckill, even blocked IP, so as to find some high weight and can be set as the preferred forum signature promotion, released every day some readable article in the forum, and will be released together with the signature, so it is a good method, but remember to apply a few accounts issued, otherwise an account is closed, it’s all over. As the occupation training education network in a forum issued a forum with signature information, as shown below:



since the development of Internet, love Shanghai, Sina, Tencent, 360, renren贵族宝贝, happy net and other well-known websites have launched their own open platform, including micro-blog login, mail order and so on, a key concern of network application, we can consider the Internet and open platform for cooperation, and through these portals huge user resources the introduction of more users for their education website, can even bring some target customers.



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