Love Shanghai new real-time search found the latest information and the latest micro-blog results


3, the love Shanghai billboard manufacturing related topics;

2, the forum is also included to the latest information in

love Shanghai is always some new action, a few days ago I wrote "how to face the new changes of Shanghai dragon Er love Shanghai" and "real time search algorithm of love Shanghai included new found: two micro-blog, QQ space" two articles have mentioned new love Shanghai real-time search, real-time search can be said to be the inevitable result of social development and user experience. Owners must understand some knowledge of social marketing.

The position change of

appears in the search results is not a day for two days, the published articles have said. This article is mainly to discuss the latest relevant information".


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should be some webmaster heard this way, with the billboard hot topic to write text, combined with their own products. This is an occasion to promote. Love Shanghai now real-time search, ranking the topic search index alarmingly high. Take this momentum to promotion of the traffic improvements still have great potential. Shanghai dragon why forum in the lovelorn 33 days of marketing strategy.

most of the time in search of some words, if there is news, the news will appear on the first page of the last few search results, this is actually the first, reason analysis should be the latest popular word. In recent days "lovelorn 33 days" of the search index is particularly high, also occupy a space for one person in Shanghai billboard in love. The word has timeliness, once the hot period in the past, the result will have a qualitative change.


saw a search result, stunned, news portal appears to be not at all surprising in information, strange is an article in the Shanghai dragon why forum has also been collected into it. Love Shanghai will record more high quality information, including news and forums, blogs and even. The webmaster forum in the text, if the quality of soft, exactly in line with the popular events at the time, is likely to be the love of Shanghai information absorption.



‘s Day is not the only fire when the electricity supplier, lovelorn 33 days is also very fire, whether you are single or attached, to go to the cinema the film certainly preferred. Since the release from the movie grossed up to today officially exceeded two hundred million yuan mark. 9 million of the investment to win such a high box office, and it is closely related to the early promotion. Fall in love with the sea search lovelorn 33 days marketing ", the first one is" the latest information related to "33 days of romance, the appearance of" post Shanghai dragon why "for the first time when the query is no second search. But a post Shanghai dragon why forum is being put on the relevant information. Follow the relevant information after the micro-blog results. There are pictures and the truth.

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