Personal experiences of how to get effective outside the chain of high quality

every webmaster in Shanghai Longfeng optimization if you want to know, and years of accumulated high weight rivals, in order to get a good ranking in the love of Shanghai, we in addition to the excellent quality of website content, a part of the chain is not little, said that "content is king the chain for the emperor", is the truth! The content of the web site, may every webmaster do not feel very difficult to do, and then do the chain is a very troublesome thing, so, how are we going to get outside the chain of high quality fast and effective

first, we must understand: the original problem is not an effective method of high quality of the chain, but the skills. Some owners think that the hair of the chain, as long as the original content of fine words must be sent out by the administrator. Outside, then, desperately to give the words modified, spent a lot of time on the modification, a few days can’t write a original article written, readable the result is not strong, not by the administrator audit, also be an administrator or moderator deleted, finally, only to feel disappointed and frustrated, the hair of the chain is very difficult.


soft outside chain methods well known to increase, if we have a good article, we must choose a good publication platform, A5 Adsense recommend here web sites such as A5, is a very good soft release platform, ensure the quality of the article, and by chance widely reproduced is very large. As long as you send an article and bring you the chain, you can say that the chain will achieve a multiplier effect, this is my hair in the chain, one of the best ways to think, this effect.

here, there must be many webmaster in the chain, have had the experience of yourself to the blog or Forum web site registered account, to write original articles published with the chain out or thread, but turned back, found the post by the administrator or moderator deleted. Very disappointed and frustrated, in order to help reduce such a thing happened again, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about my success over the years to send outside the chain of high quality experience to share with you to share.

two, reprinted strong platform

tell you now, as long as your article is original, readable on the line, do not need to deliberately go to the words too much modification, then, to find some high weight and relatively easy through the examination of the blog to publish, here recommended only love Shanghai space in his blog to publish. Because the chain we do is to love Shanghai included, by chance, we choose to love the products in Shanghai to do outside of the chain, generally speaking, in the love of Shanghai products, Shanghai is the first collection of love, this is very determined, only if the original, readable articles made out, in general, within 30 minutes of love Shanghai immediately! At the same time, can also be considered in the end of the world, Sina blog will also receive a small effect.

, a choice of deterministic blog

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