PR big update Links exchange standard is to update

: the second Links number. Friend exchange chain also depends on the number of other sites, the general chain to between 30 to 50, for a very high weight website, 30 to 50 of the friends of the chain has put his weight about, if you add the chain, the weight will not be assigned to you, and when spiders crawl it is difficult to estimate to your site, it will affect the quality of a chain, so the owners in the choice of friends of the chain, or to pay more attention to quality, quality problems to solve home.

website promotion, the most important chain in the PR value, 18 days ago, PR began to rise significantly, but in this 18 days, suddenly began to fall, the ratio of stock feels more powerful, Google PR value is always webmaster who cares about the standards for Links, the PR value is a reference object is very important, but now the Internet chaos algorithm, Links criterion in website promotion is to update. How to judge the quality of the Links.


: first update frequency. Look at the weight of a web site, first to see the content of the web site update frequency, update frequency of the site, spiders will be more diligent. The frequency stability of the size depends on the site, if the site is not stable, the update frequency is small, so the website articles included will rarely, analysis of the update frequency, analysis of the web site is included, see the contents of the collection of speed, general seconds website, that spider does not stop at the site, this site link on the friendship is very good. In addition to the frequency of updates to see, the quality is the webmaster to consider the relevance of the website is very important, can improve the user experience and the spider crawling.

finally: operations of the other site. At the other site and your friends in the chain, you want to query the site is linked to the black chain, whether the site chain is true, whether there is hiding the chain, let others give him such a Danlian, cheating site, it is best not to exchange with him, relevance effect Links the formation of single lead if, received by the K website implicated. Keywords assigned to other websites, the web site of the chain, the chain construction, and the user experience of the website, the appearance of these factors can be seen, you need to consider, exchange Links can increase the weight of words, so the choice of exchange and who have to careful consideration. The operation of the site as a whole are going to see, can not only see the PR value of the site, in the Google update, love Shanghai ventilation, the PR value no longer reliable, or their own webmaster >

when we change the link, can not avoid the need to see Google the PR value, always feel that the higher the PR value, the higher the weight of the site, but now PR value kept updated website weight webmaster even their own do not understand, how to go to look at other people’s weight, in this the case suggests that the owners themselves to judge the weight of each website.

No will and the webmaster exchange chain to avoid

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