The construction of the chain of unique skills

under the sun about I do B2B platform records, with reference to

third, this kind of platform can be repeated, repeated here released is the release of supply and demand information, if approved, can be released after a day, issued a message, the amount of the chain more naturally. Of course, each B2B platform audit has a tight song, suggest that you registered mark, which audit loose, which is relatively strict, after repeated when released at a glance, don’t walk the road again.

fifth, the above mentioned one layer of meaning is, the B2B website had a role in the promotion, the second layer of meaning, collected a good B2B site, other sites to do optimization next time, can be repeated use of registration.

first, scope of the chain release for the B2B website, the supply and demand information release platform, this kind of website, so no worry about the release of the chain platform.

chain construction plays an irreplaceable role in website optimization, so he became the Shanghai dragon ER will do the daily work. In a personal experience to start the chain is a mess, blog, forum, soft, everywhere, without a plan, so

fourth, outside the chain of this kind of website timeliness is very strong, as long as your company information is perfect, usually permanent retention.

The !

second, how to find the right B2B website, here we introduced a method, fell in love with the sea search "release supply-demand information, you can search to a lot, the B2B website, to search the website basically is" Destoon B2B website management system ", why use this platform release, this is my years the accumulation of experience, the first platform B2B has released the chain function, can be directly on the anchor text, then the software release of mature, convenient, greatly reducing the chain release time, I counted down on this type of platform released an enterprise information (including registration, company information, one to two products some information, Links) takes 3 minutes to send the chain is the efficiency.

is the author of the above issued some opinions of the chain in the B2B platform, Shanghai Longfeng work everyone chain, have.


feel the effect is not very obvious. After years of unremitting efforts, finally found a set of effective methods of the construction of the chain, it is one of few words said, here’s a dry cargo

sixth, in order to reduce the time of registration platform, we recommend the company to record information in the notebook, such as: company name, address, phone, address, username, password, and these will normally be used, so the time of registration directly open Notepad copy and paste on it, it is very convenient, greatly reduced the workload of


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