Summary let others help do several modes of the chain

, a charging mode

a new web site to open visibility or platform to attract more people, will often take essay activities, and these activities are generally with the platform for cooperation, such as A5 often help businesses organize essay activities. Essay activities actually promotion value is greater than the value chain, but I only said that his chain of value. The campaign generally have dozens of people or hundreds of people, hundreds of thousands of people and even participate in the final selection of the winners, and then a few, most is a dozen. And everyone wants to win the prize, will go on to promote their own articles, the articles published elsewhere. An article with a chain, the chain will have a lot of as can be imagined.

1, direct hire chain

Before free mode

2, please write soft release

1, free to share or reproduced in < >


3, Taobao registered guests and promotion

is the most direct, you send me a chain to be included in the search engine is how much money, as I understand it as is generally 1 cents to 1 yuan a. This is a very direct, in some Witkey website there are many such tasks.

why these two methods together, in fact, their properties are similar, one is through the link is a link through the purchase, registration, only the success will pay. This method has a link to the evolution of the initial graphic way now. Whether it is a link or graphic form or released to others or their platform on their own website, are often a good outside chain (of course here except to text JS or iframe framework, the two kinds of search engine that is outside of the chain).

wrote an article in the chain to achieve the ultimate can obtain the good ranking articles, how do you do? By summarizing the hair of the chain is not enough, the software group has been the risk of K, and the mass of very poor quality, the strength of the masses of the infinite, then we will only let others help do the chain, but also saw a lot of people write the chain of the article, basically say how to do the chain, how to make the high quality of the chain, today Changsha Shanghai dragon Chen Hequn concluded to let others help do several modes of the chain, in fact, in general is charging mode and free mode, but each model has a lot of kinds of methods. Following a brief summary to do.

believe that many webmaster, a lot of people have asked people to write the soft technology to release some Webmaster Platform, then let others reproduced or acquisition, such a soft Wen can often get the chain of tens to hundreds, a soft price seems to be about 10-50, relative to a price to send the chain cheaper than direct please, but I want to point out that this article a lot of repetition, the quality of the chain must be greatly reduced.

4, held in writing activities

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