Second class notes search engine based on knowledge and working principle


: what is the search engine


full-text index

according to the search engine search rules to set the target site, when users search, can better show the user wants the contents of a service process! This is through a search engine is a tool to achieve the



Hello, I am specializing in Shanghai dragon, a few months has been in the maintenance and optimization of massager www.yziyuan贵族宝贝 list of this website, and to summarize a lot of experience and knowledge. Today is to share the "search engine based on knowledge and principle", this is the most basic concept in


1, the definition of

The ? !

search engine is based on the use of certain strategies and specific computer programs from the Internet to collect information in the information organization and processing and retrieval services for users, the user information retrieval system is presented to the user related. Love Shanghai and Google is the representative of search engine.

official definition:


: because when the user to keyword search information, the search engine will search in the database, if found content is consistent with the requirements of the user site, then the usually calculated algorithm according to the web page of each page of special relevance and ranking level, then according to the correlation degree, in order to return these Web links to the user. This engine is the relatively high rate of search.

extract all information from the Internet website (Web text based), through their own search program (Indexer), commonly known as the "spider" (Spider) program or "robot" (Robot) program to establish database, search results directly from the database call. And can retrieval match the user query records, according to a certain order to return results. The full-text search engine is currently widely used as mainstream search engines, foreign representative of noble baby, domestic famous love Shanghai.

(3) > search element

My understanding is:


users can fully in accordance with the catalog to find the required information, do not rely on keyword query (Keywords). Although there is a search function, but cannot be strictly called a real search engine just according to the catalogue list of Web links. The index of the most representative is Yahoo, Sina search directory, hao123.

keyword matching degree, position, frequency, link quality:

should focus on the research of Shanghai dragon this kind of search engine:


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