SEMFLY how to solve the difficulties in the optimization of the railway station

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era, the network grow, once some traditional methods don’t break, but rather on behalf of the Internet now, for example, once the sales are not limited to one, more is to find customers in the network, or direct customers to find us, and before advertising, if not at the bus stop, or do advertising on TV, so that others will know your brand, although the effect is very good, but the cost is too high, so some small and medium enterprises can not afford so much money to advertise, and now is not, in the network where we can advertise, let others know to our company, and the network not only can advertising can also build brand, so that now the network is developed, and a variety of ways to promote the network instead of the traditional way, and push There are many ways to Guangzhou are free, small and medium-sized enterprises can please or do it yourself, so give yourself promotion costs to a minimum, so that now the network advertisement is popular, in part because of too many companies to promote products, enterprises or products behind competitors behind, is crucial to create products update and brand, but more important is not to lose the network promotion, so that now the network promotion is very popular, and enterprises are rushed the construction site for the promotion, now divided into network promotion, search engine, text, network advertising, this time we first for the new website search engine optimization and promotion are analyzed, and learning how to write a new website to optimize the search engine home page, so as to bring the greatest benefits to the enterprise.

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in SEMFLY to share how to promote the new establishment of website promotion, we must first understand the new website promotion difficulty in which, as the saying goes in, so we need to understand the reason, and according to the reason and solve our problems, the first search engine optimization referred to as the Shanghai Dragon promotion is a free use of the search engine promotion technology. Since free will certainly be a lot of people do promotion, including their competitors, so the difficulty is to see that we are the first optimization keywords competition how difficult, if you are a new sites, and the keywords you do is in the industry is very competitive, and a large amount of search keywords, such as a new station is hard to do, so the first concern is the degree of competition and the search volume, the second is the new website weight is very low So, the search engine grab information is not very good, some friends may not know the weight of the weight, the so-called like credit, if your website has long time to provide good information to the search engine, then the search engine will trust your site, and that your site is very safe, so the relevant weight it will be very high, high weight, the spider will be used every day to crawl your site, are included when crawling, third optimization because the site may not have the background to update the site information, so the result can not successfully do the station optimization, finally it is the image search engine rankings, so that in the face of such a thing we do not have to worry. Go to > on the Internet

, a new website to promote the difficulty of

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