The paid version of love index in Shanghai is so cheating

50 ocean, just buy a

later, I used the China Merchants Bank online banking, or success to love Shanghai wallet recharge 50 ocean. We all know that the calculation method of weight is webmaster tools according to keyword index from estimated flow calculation. Feng Dongyang and I opened this three word keyword index is to improve their website weight. But, make people feel particularly unable to Tucao, pay the opening love Shanghai index, Shanghai dragon tools home station inquiry, still did not put this key words Feng Dongyang admitted keyword thesaurus, although there have been some index of

let me feel Speechless is 50 ocean is simply buy a paid version of the open access, index analysis and automatic release by the index of keywords analysis is the same as the same. You see a keyword index now, such as the Shanghai dragon such a word, all the information you can see, the pay after opening the index of keywords, like free is! Do not enjoy what


this time, I love Shanghai traffic statistics from the inside to see there are more and more people who search the three words of Feng Dongyang, most of the time one day to have more than 50 IP to search my name! But I love Shanghai index query about, there is no index! However, in Feng Dongyang the keyword query the love of Shanghai index when I saw the love of Shanghai indicates the need 50 yuan to open a word, then is valid for one year time. I couldn’t help wondering, toss for a long time to be opened, but the result is still very

and people are awful if love is Shanghai wallet payment, need to recharge the wallet and love Shanghai, love Shanghai is Alipay wallet support and the postal savings bank cannot. I usually use the most is Alipay and the postal savings bank online.


love Shanghai wallet does not support Alipay


privilege!The end of

I really think impassability for wool opening keywords index also charge, fuck this intention, >

I started this is how to figure out why, love Shanghai rejected Alipay recharge is understandable, for wool is not no postal savings interface? Staff later after VIP group inside the reminder, I understand that the original Alipay search karma, and post is wearing the same pair of pants, and love Shanghai refused to use the postal savings bank online recharge is excusable

cheating! open access


if you want to buy love Shanghai Index added authority to spend 50 of the ocean, it is 50 dollars a word, and you have to buy the word limit. There is a limit on the number, I just try to buy an index word, but can only buy 97

added after the index did not reach the expected effect of


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