The website must pay attention to the details of the optimization

Adjustment of

2. website space:

6. do not ignore the construction of chain website:

7. is not.

this is an absolute influence your site the lifeblood of the problem, imagine that you visit a website, 1 did not open or not open, 2 seconds…… after 10 seconds have not opened. What would you do?? must be directly off the right, of course you can say you have the patience to wait, but it should pray for all users in the network have the patience. A dozen have opened the website do not need to talk about what the Shanghai dragon, what flow, what profit

recently love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, improve the weight of the site internal anchor link, the new station also can have very good rankings. We can strengthen the construction of the site within the chain, the weight distribution optimization.

this is a lot of people have talked about this, I just add that domain name to facilitate memory, this can be set according to the name of the web site. The domain name of ordinary users may not be able to remember a time, but if you know the name of the website will realize that mainstream audiences of this website as long as once you can remember.

layout of the site from the two big audience, the first is the user, second is a spider. Don’t let this two users when browsing the website you confused and disoriented. For our users, do not want to see the pop-up ads and rotten bad page seven or eight. We currently have no way spiders crawl flash, frame etc., other spiders can’t grab content or to everyone on their own search.

includes three main points: 1. website layout, 2. website content update, 3. site outside the chain.


4. site layout should be clear:

3. characteristics: the website domain name to try to

In order to maintain the stability of

website layout for Shanghai dragon is not a small risk, less then perhaps you may safely read love Shanghai in the adaptation period, amplitude control is not easy to cause the site to drop right even by K. The content of the website and the construction of the chain do not change radically, sudden changes are easy to cause the search engine doesn’t trust the site and the right down.

The development direction of

which directly affect the site or destiny. Site location not only includes the selected website keyword, more important is to include what are you planning on the site, you want to make your site into a what kind of situation in three years, the region is still a well-known muddle along without any aim?. Or, your audience is women or just women aged 20-40?? your site is for the supply and demand for or know??? These are good at planning ahead.


5. to avoid volatility website:

1. site positioning accuracy:

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