The solution ranking stagnant

solution: the removal of links on a website, modify the website server password management

3, whether the site was linked to horse

If there is a strange link The

1 in the website, whether the server site is down right

to check the site, check the file on the server record at the same time, if there is abnormal file using a modified record, it is likely that the site was linked to horse.

2, website with whether the link weights are shared, causing the site to reduce weight

website with the servers in site is down right after Shanghai, love will take "guilt", believe that the people should be clear. Solution: find out whether or not the same server in the site is down right, such as the existence of such a situation, proposed to replace the server space.

4 website

this situation is most existing in Links, the situation is similar with the first point.

from the method above, has always been to maintain regular quantitative update on the website, but also from the site’s ranking in the same operation after a stable, almost without interruption. In the optimization, the site has not adopted improper means. But from the beginning of 2011, but found that the site’s ranking in the ten page, this is a fatal blow for a company website. Start on the website of the love in the ranking in Shanghai to carry on the analysis, the following:

solution: check Links, remove the right to be reduced Links

Whether there is the use of illegal means,

found in the process of search engine optimization, love Shanghai and nobility baby either from all aspects of search mode, algorithms have different places, some of the ways taken in to the user’s site is not the same.

believes that Shanghai dragon Er knows one thing, performance period and the love of Shanghai will have a period of time to the railway station. I love Shanghai for the beginning of the new station will give good performance in a certain period of time, after a period of time, if you find the site of what is not good as it will be according to the different performance for different ranks. When the baby in the beginning of the noble website will be very strict screening, and stable in the rankings will be very stable, but in the event that the improper means, the site will be caught in a doomed eternally.

can be found after a period of observation of Shanghai and noble love baby, two SE actually have a lot of different places, and I guess the biggest difference is the love of Shanghai will be a part of the artificial intervention on ranking. In my hand a stand, for example: zhongdait com, the main push of the keyword "Zhuhai site construction" before love Shanghai has been ranked as the top five, and in a certain period of time, the keyword "construction site" key words "in front of the region’s natural ranking.


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