The website is not K ranking One of their own keywords ranked first in the search engine home page

gold summary, the so-called Shanghai dragon, so-called search engine optimization is not very reliable, at least for our personal webmaster, for the novice webmaster, you follow what master, optimization of so-called Shanghai dragon to operate, money and time spent. But in the end the effect will be counterproductive, may lead to a negative impact, which is the gold one thing experienced by the customer.

the following example; then we have to first gold blog for example, gold for themselves the name is "gold diggers, your blog | Maxivista you on the network" part-time money then this title includes a higher at least more than 10 keywords, including: gold, prospectors, Wangzhuan, Wangzhuan blog, network to make money, make money online, online network part-time, part-time, part-time, make money, make money blogging, blog Wangzhuan, money, money, part-time network network part-time and so on, the 15 key words here are very good search volume, the total number of words add up to fifty or sixty words the more you understand a little knowledge of the optimization will not do such a long title, and even if you do so long on the keywords the blog itself disadvantage, regardless of the search engine Say, or the user experience.

so that the name of the site, must want to do good, one should think of the search engine, and the most important is to consider the reader’s experience, like gold such a title, not only the use of search engine optimization, but also conducive to the reader’s experience, on the surface of the blog title is only 20 a word is not to, but in fact it contains keywords is the number of cross.

may say that gold is not entirely correct, because the scope of Shanghai dragon also involved in really wide, for example, we give the site a name, a description; even in the selected domain, the host can also and Shanghai dragon related, site title, description of you and the Shanghai dragon related, and search engine optimization. I’m here because of its own level, just a rough way, I hope you can understand it, I can do only so much.

website ranking is every webmaster dream of things, was once the site, the ranking is up, it is not equal to yourself all income automatically in your pocket, but this business who does not love? But because of various reasons, our website ranking is always not to go, even if we updated every day, even if we desperately follow those now called Shanghai dragon, the so-called search engine optimization operation, it is of no avail.

growth is always in the rain; experience is always in the experience accumulation, this is not, in this period of time in my blog revision also have a lot of spare time to think, think of some of their own and the webmaster, blogger friends useful things, this time we want to share to everyone is on site ranking, optimization problems, I believe this article will be the main useful to the webmaster bo.

After some time so

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