The website chain in exchange when the three most effective method

chain exchange website information or search related chain

Links good webmaster should know, exchange of equal weight or higher than their own website can be effective to rank keywords, although it can not buy the chain, but still can be in private conversation with each other and spend a little money or please eat a meal in exchange for friends of the chain, but this is a a money means for free means or to see their own webmaster, if the building type of website owners in exchange for the same industry chain and trouble, can see the author gives these three simple and effective methods, following on from the webmaster exchange with the website under the exchange of three types of building materials the most effective method of Links.


first, the first log in to your QQ and find the correlation between sites and building materials chain exchange QQ group. I think this method is the most suitable webmasters, and there will be a chain exchange QQ group of many related industries, by keyword plus chain exchange words to search after search QQ group, there will be a lot of related groups, after waiting for him to join the group, the relevant information will be released in their own website QQ group, soon will have some owners take the initiative to find you, the advantages of this method is greatly reduced to the screening site.

recently has been responsible for building site optimization types, to update stand inside and outside the station outside the chain, the rest is just beginning to exchange Links, I think when exchanging Links not what fast way, cause not quickly and effectively with the relevant industry website exchange friend chain, then carefully studied and operating it, found that there are three kinds of methods is the most direct and effective, there is a saying that good "through the QQ group Friends of the chain, press forward to the enemy’s capital" exchange platform, Links exchange chain, inquires the rival exchange chain, can directly find what you want, not only fast selective exchange but the chain is also very wide, which also corresponds to the "press forward to the enemy’s capital" this sentence.

, find the chain exchange and join the QQ group group

In two,

then fell in love with the maritime search keywords "Links" there will be a variety of chain exchange website, registered after the release of information exchange on the site in the chain, another is to search keywords or keywords industry initiative and contact each other. The author thinks that the second methods can still, after all the friends of the chain exchange website >

, for example: the exchange of Links to the radiator enterprise website, and then select the way to exchange QQ group, the first open QQ and then click on the same industry to warm the corporate website, you can search for "warm chain exchange" and many related and warm chain exchange group, and then add these QQ group finally waits for the main agreed, exchange of information and exchange agreed to publish their own website, finally waiting for someone to find you.

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