The latest love Shanghai home keywords ranking secret trick


early after the line on the website, we will carry out the whole network marketing group, at least let our industry know our website online, but also let them know that we have those advantages, at least to give them a reason to often come to your site

a line on the site if you want to get a good ranking, it should be early in the production site, began a detailed planning and planning of Shanghai dragon whole network marketing to the website, everything should be prepared in advance and detailed plan scheme, to ensure that the website on-line as soon as possible to get a good ranking. Today I Li Yong announced to the website quickly obtain ranking tips.

2, the site is also very important, even some parts involved in every little detail. For example, an article mentioned in the notes on the exchange website Links, and this article did not take those notes exchange Links said clearly, because the theme of this article is not about exchange Links, this time we can give a clever exchange Links note (this article is the station, just oh) and can meet the needs of users at the same time, we have also done a very good Sitelinks optimization. But often many buddies did not pay attention to these small details, may feel in the content of the article is inserted into the other key words is enough.


whole network marketing plainly is large-scale publicity you >

good sites for each stage of the optimization work of

! on the whole network marketing website

3, Links when in the early stage of optimization must be strictly, especially the search engine punishment station, Li Yong suggested that Links and changing and cherish. If you have a good network of resources, also can make them a relatively high weight of the station below your station, for your vote.

positioning website main keywords and other auxiliary words, and then the total station keywords of each page layout. Especially the title tag and description tag, the 2 tag is very important, do not let down.

The station optimization

whether we are in that industry website, after the preliminary optimization work done, do not think that every day some content can have good ranking, this idea is not reliable. In fact, this kind of thing is there are a lot of buddies are done, they think that rely on the routine maintenance and update will be able to get a good ranking. The large site is optimization is not good enough? Every day there are a lot of valuable content updates, why spend money to promote it? If you site was full of gold, but no one came early. How do you like this? In fact, the new store opened in real life, they are not to engage in the near All the world knows. more sensational, the better. When they first have a certain amount of users, and will continuously engage in some activities of active users.


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