Website optimization how to get high quality details and high attack tactics

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site, URL site has become basic work optimization, we can find URL good website ranking address in Shanghai now love search engine is static, but as a webmaster, we can observe the Internet site long leader today, these two sites stationmaster net and the owners of the house, the two website address is the address of URL also uses three column type, from which we came to the attention of the website development first detailed work: to establish the URL address of the best use of the three column and to the static state of the.

URL address should be set up simple, static


love Shanghai search engine has been required the original content, but from the perspective of a site really want to do a pure original is difficult, in the face of this problem, as a webmaster will learn to improvise, the webmaster can choose some classical valuable content copy, but must pay attention to the change in the process of replication and I give a very simple example, such as you do the Chongqing area decoration site, and every city has a climate and the characteristics of their own, you choose > on the Internet

Copy the contents of

most of the time we in the optimization process tend to focus on the thought and mentality of the web site optimization, website optimization strategy and ignore the details matters, and a site in the optimization process there are a lot of details and strategies need to grasp the webmaster friends, do the two work to guarantee the development of the site on the right track, with the following talk about how to do the work of the details and strategy of website optimization.

website promotion is most webmaster can do, but in the process of doing a part of the webmaster ignored the persistent work of website promotion, a very simple example, you create a local recruitment site, and this site in the beginning you use the promotion methods, set up every day effective links to dozens or even hundreds of sites, but after a period of time due to various reasons lead to suspend your promotion, this time your website promotion sequelae will appear. The website will face snapshot not update, included not increase and other aspects of the problem, and this is the persistent website promotion has experienced change radically the problems caused by facing this phenomenon, I suggest you Adsense whether in the promotion of what kind of website to website promotion held as the foundation, started the promotion as far as the less sophisticated, so as not to affect the status of the web site in the search engine.

website promotion is the foundation to ensure the

website optimization basically can be called the lifeblood of website development, a web site can not have strong capital, can have a rich network, but can not be a good website optimization. For a good development of the website, website optimization and web site development are closely linked, so as a webmaster how to do a good job details and strategic site optimization?


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