Analysis of Shanghai Dragon why always not to be long in coming home snapshots included

month love Shanghai irregular update makes people confused, while ranking up between is another station at a loss. Last week the love of Shanghai is showing a "page updated normally, page snapshot of backsliding." However, from the results of view, web page snapshot is contrary to the traditional "snapshot backwards is right to be reduced the sign of the law. From the fact analysis, now the search engine rules may be: a snapshot of the correction by retrogression or bring greater opportunities, are as follows: comprehensive analysis of binary

analysis to find the reasons, after the corresponding solution, a solution that has been provided in the above discussion. But besides more is the integration of internal and external website optimization, such as:

A: website internal optimization, mainly for the integration of structure, home cleaning useless code, such as: too many similar effects flash pictures, because the page is too big for.


: a home can not update the snapshot

C: home page update frequency for small, this is mainly due to the design defects caused. In the daily update site only to update the inside pages, and page changes. This will lead to the spider climb to the home is not every fresh content to eat, and finally lead to the page snapshot always slow update is not surprising.

B: website by binary friends a few days ago is such an example: in the site after revision is not loved Shanghai right down, but the page snapshot of stagnation, but the inside pages still love Shanghai daily updates. This phenomenon does not exist before, should be the index rule change love Shanghai.

in general, page snapshot can not update the inside pages up and has always maintained a high collection of mainly include:

A: home is right down, and the weight of the inside pages of high. In the website optimization process, there are always some website optimization due to improper home is right down, the results were as follows: the home is not the first or the snapshot. For this, because of the weight of the inside pages than the home page weight, generally due to unreasonable navigation caused by the weight is too low. We should always remember: in the navigation design in any web page should have a link to the home page, and the navigation channel links only corresponding channels or content page links, rather than the chain to the other cross channel, or cross channel content.

D: the server is not stable, the stability of the server is always a topic to emphasize. A site outside the chain even do better, not a server is not stable. For example, each time through the chain spider crawl to the site index, but always failed to access or slow, next time will come again? Even if the index page in the article, will not blame all over the home above stability.

home page snapshot phenomenon

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