Analysis of Shanghai Dragon use hot issues break the traffic bottleneck (five)

A: the topic selection of

optimization is to what? There is no doubt that in order to enhance the website ranking. But enhance the website ranking is for what? The answer is yes, increase site traffic, to achieve the ultimate goal of the. Although some website content update frequently, optimization also do more good, but the flow is always like the bottleneck as not to. Encountered such a problem how to solve? Binary think, flow into the use of hot events more easily break the traffic bottleneck.

for the screening of hot events to do on the first direction, some owners only see its heat, and then the processing or original, ignoring its website correlation. First of all, if such a large number of articles appeared on the website, a long time will reduce the theme of the site core, the final result is the search engine you don’t know the direction of development, can not give you enough in the key position. Although the short made part of the flow, but if once lost, "added hot events", and then flow day decline, cannot retain the user back view, multiple keywords itself may have disappeared. Thus, for the choice of keywords must comply with the development of its own field site. Selection of hot events for itself in the field was more likely to improve the site belongs to the field of industry value.

B: avoid edge topic

It is good for

two: hot events written

hot events, but the improper selection will also bring crowning calamity for the web site. Don’t think the other website never mind, you can still publish rewrite. Some websites can wantonly comments some celebrity or events, that is the capital. But as a grassroots webmaster, accidentally choose more easily by the search engine "ban". This is not alarmist, in fact the same example meet the eye everywhere. Such as: military hot, easy to produce "political topics". "Customers" to involve topics. So, for the same topic wipe degeneration of small owners, or choose not to be good. Although easy to moderate hype topic with the flow, but not everyone has it can bear it. Don’t expect the Internet absolutely fair, no money money inputs only for relatively fair.

first of all we need to do is to find the hot events with a news source, but how to find it? Many people say, love Shanghai Search Ranking before the three events can not it? Do a good day, tens of thousands of traffic is not a problem. But I do not agree to do too hot hot events. If a word can bring tens of thousands of traffic to your site, then your website is not far away from the letter, not alarmist, Shanghai dragon Er will also know the truth. How to find the hot events? Grasp the following two screening:

industryIs to choose

hot events, the article is a key to success. Choose a good hot.

Shanghai dragon How to write

: a search for hot events

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