How to analyze the keyword

talked about it is analysis of the key topic is a commonplace talk of an old scholar keyword analysis, website optimization research is an important work as a Shanghai dragon Er webmaster must do before building a web site, a site of good and bad, can give the site to bring benefit, can bring effective flow of keywords to play a decisive role. For the keyword research also has many similar articles on the Internet Public opinions are divergent. but in my opinion, a lot of analysis is not thorough enough. Today I will combine practical experience in Shanghai Longfeng for many years to come and the webmaster friends to share, hope this can give us some dry cargo. When it comes to the analysis of the key competitive strength is the value analysis of the keywords and keyword analysis of two aspects of < note: I’m not talking about the layout problem of keywords, to the article > below the author aiming at these two aspects to talk about.

first on a website of keyword clearly the theme of a website called target keyword < key words > as the site the current optimization, the author clearly understand that the site is mainly selling coffee machine, so I take the word coffee machine for the target keyword site, next to the target keyword search volume every day to see how much of the time, you can use < to carry on the data analysis of Shanghai love index or other webmaster tools; note: data accuracy index for most to love Shanghai, third party tools just about data > as shown below:


keyword analysis of the value of


said the value of the key problem, certainly at this time some webmaster to ask what is the value of the key word? I do understand that the so-called keyword search traffic is the value of the word, every day through the research of keyword search times, that is to say the love of Shanghai index. How to carry out specific analysis on it? The author will to the optimization on the sale of coffee machine this website as an example to talk about.

after the target keyword analysis to determine the good then.

diagram for the September 9, 2013 to October 8, 2013 key index trend figure of coffee machine, each part of the curve inflection point on the graph for users daily search volume changes, changes in quantity, pay attention to every part of the media under < note: as a keyword analysis mainly to users concerned about the volume from > the figure shows the coffee machine this keyword has been a day of user attention, to 8, which is the most concerned data show the A point of 770, from B to A are generally upward trend. The business values of the key in the coffee machine industry is the highest, so the author will do for the target keywords, as long as the this keyword do love Shanghai love Shanghai home page or second page top will bring certain amount to the website traffic, is the most valuable so do such key word.


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