Google released a new service to deal with the death of user data

now, Google’s new settings page to join a non active account manager, allows the user to set a timeout period for your account. For example, if you 3 months did not log in to your account, Google will be the first to notice issued by mobile phone number or e-mail address. Since then, it will allow you to add up to 10 contacts, they will be the user written email alerts, and selectively be granted access to any or all of Google’s service data rights. Finally, once all the contacts are to be informed, Google can also delete your account.

digital news, after the death of users on the network to stay in the data to do? This is always a problem to discuss the industry for many years. Recently, Google released a new service that can no longer be used to control the use of the account.


[news] April 12th Sohu


in the post, Google detailed explanation of how to plan their own digital things behind " ", they are not the first company to deal with these issues. Even if the policy has been in place, such as the Facebook site or the need to deal with how to transform information into static Memorial operation process. Now, Google will allow users to choose their own " ", the authorized representative; take charge of their own data on the user passed away, which is equivalent to making an online version of the will. (Eskimo)

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