Discussion on how to quickly get the new ranking

I do not want to say, we all know! 2-3 is probably a day included

said many users want to get new ranking is difficult, today let’s talk I recently did a business website, how to get to the second page ranking in 15 days! In order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, this is not in the description of key words, love Shanghai index as shown below:

fourth update website

third, the line on the website, to love Shanghai.

secondly, description and title of the site is set



H3 is used in the product title.


first, when in the design of the site, on the site using H1/H2/H3 markers

Description: referred to is a professional production of "key" devices such as high-tech companies, the company has a number of advanced "key" technology independent patent rights, is one of the earliest professional engaged in technology research and product development industry well-known enterprises. ("actually is not, just to show clearly on

2, I in the backward a few links, and I put the client’s website made the dream weaving template, posted on the website. And then it was reproduced, and site visits also had some day about 20 or so

1, in Shanghai Post Bar has issued several links, the love of Shanghai know, the first question is: "who knows what is the name of the company’s Web site, then someone answered, set to answer. And I let friends asked several customers website information related to the problem, then I will answer! The first link, did not pass, I know that is the 4 level, the back is no link, let all friends to set the answer


header contains two words plus the company referred to, the format is: | keywords keywords _ preferred company


H1 is the company referred to add keywords, put on the website at the top.

3, using a variety of webmaster web tools, web site information query. So, in about 15 days, I found two key words in a row of 13, a row of 18, of course, this basically each to his website 3-4 article pseudo original article. And there was no place for him, because after all, just do to bring him up, no charge! "

fifth, the chain increased

H2 is mainly used in the name of the website column, at the top of the page is not used, because the customer demand, home to put more columns.

! The use of

because the customer doesn’t understand, customers also have information available on the Internet, I find some, all the wrong person, the chaos together, made a total of about 30 articles about.

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