Gaoliangjiu Shanghai dragon how to reasonable distribution chain mode

2, a variety of soft, important index: 9

3, forum signature, an important index: 7

1, Links, an important index: 9

if we analyze from YAHOO chain statistics, it is not difficult to find a lot of leading in the industry chain of the website, they actually are very common, and there is not much originality, only particular chain they are very numerous and diverse, multi sample. Many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners do when the chain, some way for a period of time feel useless to give up, in fact, this is a process from quantitative to qualitative change, must unremittingly. Now a daily chain mode and reasonable structure distribution, one of the important index means the degree of attention in the daily work, and the investment of time and effort.

everyone involved in the work of the people in Shanghai dragon and headache for the chain, or don’t know which way to choose more suitable for their own, or more effective, obviously, not every way the chain can achieve the same effect, so there is necessary and reasonable allocation of different chain mode, let the chain of his work into several blocks reasonably and effectively, so as to maximize the effect of the chain.

referred to here not only similar to the soft issue in each webmaster website soft, also contains some other types, such as pay released to the portal of the soft, soft Wen promotion for the chain effect is very significant, and long term effective way, it is generally not with the change of time and reduce, can relatively maintain a virtuous cycle of the situation. Soft not to write your own, we can find some special writing soft Wen institutions or individuals, the price is not expensive, but the effect is significant.

forum signature is one of the commonly used and simple chain, the brush posts to the forum not to mind taking the trouble every day a lot of people, a lot of time to look at the top post, is only to that of a signature, the signature effect is worthy of recognition, in addition, if not the topic posts so, we must find those top post replies less, or just released soon new posts to the top, this is better.

there is no doubt that the chain all the way, Links is one of the most important way to play a role is very large, for example, some large sites of initial time, and not really understand Shanghai dragon, but because of their human resources is wide, exchange a lot of high weight website the link, and not deliberately to do other work in Shanghai Longfeng rankings are very good, but. In addition, the leading web analytics industry, will find that they have done quite a lot of high quality Links. So Shanghai must take the Dragon Er Links as one of the daily work, and with the weights of the website promotion, looking for more high weight links, if possible, at the site of the early stages of development, to ensure the daily or weekly increase of at least one or two links. In addition, remember Links exchange principle, ningquewulan.

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