Enterprises to change the title will be K to you.

1, change the title or change the structure of

? ?

before my younger brother often change the title of the website is their own hands to build the site, from the planning and structure design are personally surgeon, are familiar with every detail of the website, every detail of the local search engines are in strict accordance with the standard set, can be said that the relationship between the establishment of mutual trust the website and search engine, this time to change the title to search engine is a general adjustment, nature has little effect.

: a concrete analysis of concrete problems



site will be in love with the sea change Title K station, has become the head of the branch iron law, has always been nice Chinese goods can I do not believe, because after several of my hand before I was standing, change the title like play, has never been K, but also on the site is basically not what effect, but recently I just took Weishidun water purifier business website, after the title change was in love with home K out to sea, always confident I have some small hit in recent want to write an article on the change of the title of the article, the reason has been hesitant to write, is a lot of people have written, but for your help is very small, how to write can help you solve the problem, and to allow everyone to extrapolate, a little difficult for younger brother, written below, can achieve this effect, can only wait For:

enterprise website looks very simple, but why the vast majority of enterprise website do not belong to the inflow of the queue, as stated above, is the site construction company on a random set a template out of a product, regardless of the search engine and user experience, only a fool’s small and medium enterprises the. So I think, and to change the title, not change the structure, is also a major operation, not a one-time do, pain (another article refer to the younger brother of

2, what time to

two: change the title of the skill of

took over the Weishidun water purifier website is different, the website backstage program redundancy code, large volume, the website structure is simplified, the chain in the chain does not meet the standard of Shanghai dragon of search engine, this time to change the site title, no doubt to give a their resistance to the poor people of major surgery, due to excessive blood loss shock is the result of the need, in the short term to inaction can hardly be avoided. So this is the little brother fan a big mistake, often in the river walk, really be wet shoes.

site title we need to see the opportunity not to change the blind, touch clear love Shanghai search engine update rules after the change, I think, is the best time to change the title on Monday, because Friday night is love Shanghai server update, there will be a Saturday.

site title, is in a fateful operation, most people don’t go to change it, so you can’t afford the ordinary station to do, especially the site construction company to do the site (truth a station).

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