From three aspects of chain play in the role of optimization


two: Friends of the chain can promote the site collection

three: the chain can transfer the weight of

described in this paper

chain can improve the site keywords ranking is already a fact in front of. We also can be a chain as a chain of our site, this is a chain attract spider entrance. If your site and another site for a friend chain exchange, and the weight of each other site is relatively high, the spider crawling is relatively frequent, so naturally through the chain of this channel will lead spider to your site. At the same time as this will make your site search engine to leave a better impression. Maybe this is what we often say: ’tis. In this way we can achieve mutual benefit, keywords naturally site rankings is not what strange things.

as I mentioned above, friends of the chain is an attractive spider entrance, if your site included can not catch up, relatively backward, you can through the chain to improve the auxiliary. Like I just stepped time optimization industry, had encountered difficulties on how to improve the site included, but later in the forum a senior webmaster tips: find some high quality chain. Later I also learned a chain like a head must have their own site of the vote. A bit high (ranking) weight (weight high) "votes" for your site considerably. If you have a good quality chain, believe that your site will soon get the search engine’s identity, and the higher it is not impossible.

exchange for Links, I think every webmaster are all too familiar, whether you take the initiative to find, or others find you change, you should first look at the weight, other sites included, snapshots and so on basic site information, and of course have to beware of the other side is not to use some Links cheat methods, such as the use of JS calls, and nofollow tags, robots file screen etc.. So when we do the chain of friends, have you ever thought of why do friends chain? Chain to our site in which a few respects help? So what chain in our optimization work to play what role? The author on this issue from four directions for sharing chain optimization effect.

chain we can be compared to a weight transfer tunnel. Most of the owners do have a chain is the home page link, because the general weight is the largest, because all pages of the site are generally to the home page, so you can put the weight of the site gathered in the home. While the two home chain exchange site can transfer the weight of each other, if the site weight relatively high, on your site has a very good role in promoting.

: a friend chain can be very good to improve the site keywords ranking

The role of the three > about chain has played in the optimization of the

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