A preliminary study on Shanghai dragon blog portal submission to

two submission skills

3. new articles can not be included in the site, or is the spider crawling website can not be timely;

on its website published in this paper to indicate the address must be published when the text and text description. If you can insert your own nature in the URL, then try to do this is to avoid many unscrupulous gatherers to remove the copyright link to you.

these three kinds of basic web site can be collectively referred to as the site of the weight is not enough, if your website weight is high enough, almost every article of the "second", then you can try. Others included not old station in time can also try, for example, the next day included. If you feel qualified depends on the following points.

2. before submission to his article a few text outside the chain, the chain to high quality, the best is the second, I usually go to the domain name city forum to do a chain. If you go to do after the release will not achieve the effect, because the portal can be seconds.

2. is the K site and the restoration of the site, the site was k after also can not do, like the new truth;

The first 1.

does not recommend the following website with their website article submission:

4. the text address must be added, this can last in the article, we all do

to 5. after the submission of these portals Forum on their own articles, remember to bring the description text links. You don’t have to send someone to certainly, I found that almost every article can be found in the forum portal. I want a web site with the same content page search engine will not accept two, so you early, then send it to others not included, or included will have a deleted. This is particularly important, because after all it’s portal and forum is a root domain name, "on

, a website which is not suitable to take their own articles for publication

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er have their own blog, regardless of the quality, we update frequency is laudable, writing is a day, and the original. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng specifically written to ER portal website submission, such as A5, behind, the owners of the home, Shanghai dragon why. As a Shanghai dragon Er every day a lot of work, your hair is not easy in his blog to write a good original articles, but also write an article to the portal submission, really tired. You can vote to the blog article by yourself? That is the original own blog submission after? I think that as long as the skills to do well, these are not a problem, the following is my personal experiments not summed up skills.

3. submission must bring their own website description text, if not with the portal don’t vote

1. new sites, the site is not included, take their own articles for publication is tantamount to plagiarism article portal;

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