6 words to make your blog a long career

don’t know you can add a little of his own life while writing the blog, at least I do blog, insisted for two years, the mood of the article less than 50, some of the domain name space to do their own ups and downs, have introduced their own travel experience, the whole life Expo the breath is very heavy, and these seemingly 00 odd words, each aftertaste will have different feelings, will be a good role for future growth, and this is what we insist to blog fun.

The From the

blog is actually a dating platform

blog as their own name card industry

when more and more people complain about the network affect the people and social exchanges, I think we have neglected the more important one, that is to expand our network to realize the interpersonal circle in some ways, do not say anything else, just look at Lu Songsong blog that the north of the station came here and share your life and experience of the site, the development itself is a kind of network, with these friends, when you do.


whether you will never engage in Internet related work, have a blog is not a bad thing, because at least it is a well-known you are willing to share, like many IT practitioners when the candidate love to their blog, a blog’s success at least positive when they master the operation of the site their skills, also like the blog of Lu Songsong as if to establish a brand, so for the future of the job are big benefits, so from this perspective, blog is to write your resume occupation.

blog that everyone is familiar, like Lu Songsong, like Mou Changqing’s blog is the typical representative Du bo. Two days before the development of the road also saw a blog written by a friend, now feeling really do not want to blog, in addition to the content difficult to adhere to, read the crowd dispersed and blog, the viscosity is the block in front of us a hurdle, but another angle to think, if you do only able to Bo more than 1 years, then you will get rid of most of our competitors. Because of the blog’s survival cycle, often more important than to understand characteristics. How to make your own blog live longer, some of it, Komori feeling to establish a correct writing mentality is very important.

blog search memorable fun

will work closely with

and blog

has a lot of bloggers in the development of blog theme, often based on their second points of interest, such as you do the domain name sale, made a blog is to share sports consulting, although this is in its own interest on operating blog, but second points of interest to the job after all as free, if you will choose the skills blog positioning in the domain name space or network marketing, not more counterparts, because it appears in the Komori, blogs as a technical memorandum will make your blog has more words.

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