Discussion on SEM strategy — to Taobao has become the long tail word

remember just beginning to learn the Shanghai dragon seen green outfit wrote an article on the SEM, is the bag with wheat as an example to analyze the importance of the SEM policy, provide a reference for the website brand and market positioning. As we all know, wheat bags in Shanghai dragon team is very strong, but also started relatively early, from the first few people to dozens of people today, the growing scale of technology matures. Why do they SEM so successful, Happigo webmaster think there is some luck, and happy for you to purchase slowly.

but I think wheat bags SEM success is a matter of luck, why do you say that? We all know that Taobao to love Shanghai because of various reasons, leaving very harmonious. Taobao on its own brand influence and powerful Taobao alliance, completely ignore the love of Shanghai to bring traffic, which is why Taobao has not Shanghai cooperation and love. Love Shanghai search service market share of more than 80%, but with the e-commerce industry giants to cooperation, this is embarrassing. Now have to search the Jingdong, Dangdang and other e-commerce sites, love Shanghai cooperation brand promotion occupy a large space on the search results page. While Taobao’s few lines, and they are compared to the Jingdong inferior by comparison. If Taobao and Shanghai love let go, to achieve cooperation, so when you love Shanghai "Taobao search", a piece of brand promotion advertising accounted for more than half of the page, I want the user basically it is difficult to see the results of the wheat bags.

through the search engine into traffic, most are obtained through the Taobao keyword, Taobao to search for friends, usually have to Taobao online consumer intention! There have to buy a bag, if you are going to buy a bag, I believe most people can directly click on the wheat bags the website, Taobao’s official website to ignore the past! Even if you are not going to buy a bag, you see this website was also left the impression that when you want to buy a bag will not think to wheat bags? I think there must be some people will go, even if you don’t go wheat bags official website, there are wheat bags in Taobao mall, you will encounter it, this is the wheat bags to take SEM strategy.

thus, "Taobao" as key words is very valuable, and now a growing number of e-commerce sites to "Taobao" as the main keywords, such as "Justyle" men’s ranking is also good. Of course, now the "Taobao" as the main keywords are >


why wheat bags choose to do Taobao keyword? This may be because a few years ago really opened the wheat bags Taobao store, and Taobao have cooperation relationship, and Taobao continued hot, rising popularity, there is a huge business opportunities. In fact, Taobao search volume surge, become super hot keywords. Have a keen insight and business acumen of the wheat bags, behoove chose do Taobao keyword, followed by ranking.

Wheat bags

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