An example of the site after the revision of the road traffic difficult recovery


for the long-term development of the site, the revision is inevitable. After the site has been in business for two years, once reached IP on the flow of tens of thousands, with the continuous development of the Internet, the site had to safety and function of the site for revision. The revision can bring great flow attenuation. The author of the site in December last year at the beginning of the ZhengZhan revision, URL address all have changed, but because the web content too many restrictions, unable to do a 301 redirect processing, can only deal with 404 pages, but still flow down to the lowest point. As shown below:

flow on IP is reduced to an average of only. After the revision followed by the arrival of the lunar new year, only the first site as it cannot be helped on treatment. At the beginning of this year has just started to optimization, and the last stage flow has begun to get a reply, continuous improvement, such as the latest phase of the flow chart.

we can see the current traffic has reached a maximum of about 20000, can be said to restore the 1/5 flow, then I will restore several key means of traffic to share with you.


: continue to update the contents of the

URL address mentioned above content of the site is changed, this is a very big change, basically can be said to have been included into the 0. The site instantly appear a lot of dead link, a dead link, the industry believes that the best method is to use a 301 redirect, using this method.


, two station of the dead linkThe

from above we can find a problem, that is the love of Shanghai on the day included the amount and the actual amount of growth included have certain differences, this may be our site content there have been repeated content, or content quality is low, leading to love Shanghai included shortly after its deletion processing. We need to update the site caused by the quality of the content. Of course, there is also a case of love Shanghai included, but not immediately released, in a stage will naturally be reflected in the total collection.

We can see from the above

I found in the website, the old page contains no new content to the good, the search engine is generally the first collection of fresh contents, and then return in revision before the content, so the firm can not be ignored in the revised continuously update the fresh content. Are aware of its importance to update the contents of many webmaster friends, but often lack the execution is more important, when faced with a situation of such bad sites, can the static under the heart to update the content in order to obtain stable results. When we had a stable update content, search engine evaluation period, included recovery will naturally slowly. As shown in figure

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