Break through the bottle neck site traffic supplemented by content method

we are here to say content is king, not all of the sites you love Shanghai, love Shanghai emphasis on a certain industry have distinction, if you are with illegal information, it is likely to be abandoned if you love Shanghai, the information is public, Shanghai will be very love pay attention to.

content is not enough, we here say there must be a good point, Shanghai dragon industry more famous than Wang Tong and Zac, Zac will only do optimization, but Wang Tong is different, he would use the method, will make money. This is where applicable, do Shanghai dragon people in this industry, but it can make good use of methods seldom. Because this also worth exploring and pay, as there are hundreds of thousands of corporate websites, really willing to invest to the Internet less than 10%, so the 90% companies on the Internet to expand, can only rely on the extension of my love seal.

content on the surface is of no use, because many people use a single page ranking is very good, but a regular website, especially a large portal, no blood no content, even if his single page ranking is good, one day Shanghai will pull him into the dark the list, because love Shanghai more and more attention to the content of the original, pay attention to update degree of snapshots, a value index to evaluate the website ranking.

breakthrough site traffic bottleneck, not only to rely on the professional Shanghai Longfeng led content optimization, also need an editorial team organization, is a good method, the new or old station, are of great help to traffic growth and rise, this is my recent website gained experience, bring you share this article from the original 贵族宝贝shixianhui贵族宝贝, please indicate the source.

I have put the website ranking done very well, but it does not increase site traffic, because part of the page ranking is not representative of the overall flow increase. If we want to improve website traffic up, or rely on to organize the content in a good way, such as Wang Tong help Kingsoft do Shanghai Longfeng, according to user habits each find a word to generate a single page, just a few months, tens of thousands of traffic from increased to 400 thousand IP.

is not only the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, Shanghai dragon in order to back the flow, you will see that the Shanghai dragon well done, why not increase the flow? This is because there is no 80% main content, good content, site quality is high, it has increased the flow of words will follow up. Continue to increase the external connection, and traffic is often not up for this reason, although the content to let you see the traffic, but the traffic to your website to the industry is not enough, then we must find a way to more effort in the content, do long tail keywords, do the ranking, do optimization. Method and strategy of good, the number of keyword search add up, this time the natural flow up.

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