Do not complain, do not make money, in fact, blame yourselfZero cost to do Taobao promotion

this method is very simple, in fact, is to use the question and answer platform to do.


simply put it, some friends may already know, do not do, or disdain to do, but I say an example, we do not make any money now, to consider their own. Taobao customer weekly income ranked thirty-sixth they let me secure income, I can only tell you an estimate of thousands per week, is this method, ranking the first week of nearly $20 thousand a Taobao customer account, people are professional team operation, our new hand than not, you can say do.

we are the first to bear the unsolved problems to answer, in accordance with the same keywords, Taobao to search related products to customers, and then according to the cumulative volume biggest start point search slightly more professional answer, then take your alimama link, send up. Don’t bother. One is set as the best answer, better than 10 non optimal answers. The end of the question, but also to reply, the purpose is to cast a net, because you do not know what keywords people search into this problem. In addition, when replying, use the tone of the passing person. At first it was suggested to refer to a better style of writing.


we are common, such as sh419 know, search Q & A, Q & A, YAHOO knowledge hall, and so on, a lot of our search, Q & a platform there are large 10, do you believe you each occupation, will not earn money, may be


January 4th I had the privilege of successful submission on A5 admin5/article/20100114/204894.shtml, many webmaster add my and I exchange, the voice advertisement showed great interest in the webmaster, I thank those who communicate with me in here, let me learn a lot of things. But, at the same time I also saw more webmaster impetuous, can be bluntly said, some webmaster never do me so. Don’t expect the pie in the sky. Luck is the most uncertain factor. All success comes from effort and not to give up. I hate those to say they have this kind of advantage, have advantage if you do not, all in vain. Hinder your webmaster can not earn money, the biggest obstacle is not what creativity, skills, technology and other factors, but most of the webmaster does not have a heart of perseverance. Today, with the rapid development of Internet, opportunistic opportunities for making money are becoming less and less. Making money is no more than two points, either spending money first or making the first effort. In the process of communication with the webmaster, most of the webmaster are concerned about how much money I can now, but ignore the most important part, almost no one asked me how hard it is to carry out business. I asked a lot of promotion skills is what skills are, I ride a motorcycle to play sound like businesses from door to door, my skill is often and local advertising companies to contact the feelings, you can do that??? If you can, I’m sure you even in a small town, early a month to earn 2000 yuan absolute no problem, you see the following day online than the Wangzhuan skill hundreds of times.

in Q & a platform, search such as slimming, weight loss, breast enhancement, plasticity, whitening, beauty, and so many words, there will be problems, here we selected questions with long tail keywords as the title of Kazakhstan commonly known as the title of the party, for example: what is the best diet products taobao?

1, a local website can increase the profit model, if you have a local website available, such as Hong Kong, information classification information and so on, a column or an advertisement for yourself, are local users, communication is convenient, sometimes even can be interviewed.

train of thought is very simple, it depends on how you use your resources, many webmaster friends in the process of communication will mention, why don’t you do a website to promote, and then to earn difference?

doesn’t know what the Taobao customer is, sh419. In fact, the method is very simple, will be able to do the Internet, but simply to achieve the ultimate, that is, NB, the following began to say:


and many of the station through the exchange, I have to open up the sound of the advertising market and have some new ideas, I do not own up, out and share with you, the strength and the idea of stationmaster a try.

2, the development of their two agents, there are industry website owners can try, especially in the advertising industry, their first agent, and then in accordance with market price promotion, earn difference.                          ;          

reminds me: did you learn to draw inferences from others today?

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