Talking about the way of making money for personal stationmaster in 2011Zhang Zhaoyang turned down M

mixed in the Internet for many years, the Webmaster is no stranger, and even many people have joined the ranks of the webmaster. However, we take a look at the sh419 encyclopedia is how to interpret the Webmaster: Webmaster: is to have independent domain name website, through the Internet and the web platform to the Internet to provide information, such as intermediary channels, personal network service. With the rapid development of the Internet, the webmaster is no longer a single person, completely belonging to a personal website groups, is to promote the development of China’s Internet source of power. Talking about whether the webmaster is a professional problem, the author lonely Prince believes that whether the webmaster is a career should be decided by the parties themselves. As a form of entertainment is just some owners of their own, they may be the real occupation of students, teachers, scientists, civil servants; there are some who are specialized in stationmaster, become the main way to make money to live.

came to the door for Ma Ma Huateng investment Alibaba, but when Ma Huateng does not know what it is not too optimistic about the Alibaba, so resolutely refused to ma.

in 2013, Zhang Zhaoyang also rejected a $9 billion valuation headlines today, because Zhang Zhaoyang in today’s headlines are seen after think this product is not what new ideas, but the valuation is also so high, not skip.

, Zhang Zhaoyang, such a good elite can have misjudgment, so when others deny us, we should not immediately deny ourselves, to reflect on, to see if he said there is no reason, objective analysis of the problem. The judgment of a man’s words cannot be entirely dependent on his social position and achievements.

if the face of refusal, we give up; if we underestimate the face of others, if it is improperly belittle oneself; so that you are not really love what you are doing.

Zhou Hongyi, take a look at Wang!

as long as the dream of unremitting efforts.

Taobao Amoy passenger, when the lonely Prince still reading, it has become the most popular Internet entrepreneurs Wangzhuan way. Every time I hear who do Taobao off a monthly income of thousands or tens of thousands, the excitement of mental strength, I hope I can someday. What Taobao customers? sh419 encyclopedia is defined as: "Taobao customer" is to help Taobao sellers to promote goods, earn commission. As long as the goods get Taobao promotion link, let buyers through the promotion of your link to the Taobao store to purchase goods and confirm the payment, you can earn by the seller to pay commissions, no cost, no need to take the risk, the highest commissions commodity turnover 50%>

Hello everyone, I was really sad when I got so many bad reviews in A5’s third article. Always torture yourself, and do not continue to write their own things, to share their experience. Think for a long time, I decided to write my dissertation, their sense of income, gain more write better. Well, the lonely prince, today to share with you: money to survive of 2011 personal webmaster.

360 boss Zhou Hongyi, it is said that when the founder of the United States Wang Wang find him melting

Zhang Zhaoyang, for 90 friends may not be familiar with the name, he is the founder of Sohu. He graduated from the Physics Department of Tsinghua University and got a Li Zhengdao scholarship to study in the United States. He received a post doctoral degree at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In August 1996 with venture capital, to create his company, the company officially launched the brand website sohu in 1998, and renamed the Sohu ltd..

"one" on Taobao road


Ma Huateng refuses Ma

Zhang Zhaoyang refuses Ma Huateng


is not afraid to be rejected or afraid of a good opportunity to miss.

Ma Huateng is also doing network, social media, but for Alibaba is such an attitude, really very surprised here should be nothing to do with Ma Yun’s appearance, ha ha ha. They are all networks, and different fields of view are different. Don’t hesitate to choose your own because of the challenge of an insider in a similar industry. The objectivity of self judgment and the firmness of your heart will be the support of your career. Big brother is also wrong, young entrepreneurs may not be the next Ma,

! When

is talking about making money. Who knows now that the station is making money and it’s very profitable. Of course, even if you are a novice webmaster, as long as you can quickly get the rankings, and have a certain amount of traffic, you can make money, but just how much of the problem. For example, a lonely prince can image, the owners like a corporate CEO, to balance the market, technology, and service and many other links, the only way to have a good sales system and service system, your business will for a long time. So, as the webmaster, how do we make money? Become many webmaster eagerly concerned about the problem. I once wrote a "lonely Prince: SEO is one of the magic tools for Internet practitioners to earn money", which describes the way to earn money as SEO, then 20112011 years of personal Adsense to earn money, what is the survival of the road?

, but Zhang Xiaolong said that Ma Huateng could become a normal user view for 1 seconds, and this magic skill wasn’t practiced by Ma Huateng at the time? Ha ha,

estimated that everyone heard Zhang Zhaoyang missed the story of Ma Huateng, the pony brother suffer from a user without cash channel, to find Zhang Zhaoyang, want to sell , but Zhang Zhaoyang not only decisively rejected pony elder brother, also dished out the classic phrase: you this thing I find some students not more than 3 months to do more than are you okay, not worth 500 thousand. Let pony brother love why?. Tencent now has a market capitalisation of $300 billion.

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