2017 my seventh years in the nternet businessTwo dimensional entrepreneurs how to make money First

in 2015, the two dimensional reports launched by various organizations add up to three laps around the earth.

at the beginning of 2012, I got married, going to his own business, do toys wholesale business, in this opportunity, I will sell toys in Taobao, and the income is good, can earn ten thousand yuan a month, more income than in life.

2011 beginner Taobao

then, for the vigorous grassroots two dimensional entrepreneurial army, where is the money? The answer is, the 2.5 dimensional economy.

represents the two dimension in three dimensions. Such as do, Cosplay, voice actors, idol mounted puppets. That is, to imitate, restore, and reproduce the two dimensional characters / things in the three dimension of characters / things.

look on the market company, this field will not go, entrepreneurs, Cosplay, exhibition and other idol seiyuu mix together to do. So, according to the reality, we define the 2.5 dimension of the economy as follows:



by the beginning of 2011, I had been able to earn forty or fifty yuan a day by playing code, and it was reliable, second days later, and later became a code agent. At that time, I have time to learn to open Taobao shop, and later learned that Taobao does not necessarily want to kind, and also do not have to sell telephone calls, as long as you dare to sell, not illegal, can sell.

, but after reading the great reader, he must have never understood how the two dimensional entrepreneur should make money.


didn’t know anything about making money online, just surfing the Internet and chatting. Although I do not understand, I also rely on their own interest in continuous learning, do not understand the sh419 search, then learned the most common way to make money online, such as playing yards, hang up, investigation and so on.

by PGC and UGC Cosplay, one of the members of the economic, social, community, IP derivatives electricity supplier entertainment consumption as well as the line voice, idol is composed of three parts, including the economic activities.

chart is part 2.5 dimension company representing

talking about the two dimensional gold mine, IP liquidation is the easiest to think of. However, IP liquidation is an overly ambitious concept. Copyright income, surrounding income, game adaptation, advertising revenue, but for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, IP and their relationship is not, only watched everyone anxious envy.

The red part of the

next, the article will from derivatives consumption, genuine agents and IP authorization, COSPLAY industry chain revenue, Japanese idol in four ways to analyze the realization of voice 2.5 dimensional economic way to make money.

, what’s the 2.5 dimension,

2010, October or so,

derivatives consumption

in 2014 from the media

I was in order to learn SEO, established Shao Lianhu blog, but wrote two months of blog by sh419 K, since then began to re-establish blog, dare not use SEO.


because I do not do business, because I also like the network, and previously on the network to do the code, and so do not make money, I intend to learn SEO. It happened that I met a teacher who taught me the SEO for half a month. From there I learned it by myself.

my blog used to be SEO, in 2014, from media fire >

I bought my first computer in my life with the first pay I earned in the factory. After that, I worked during the day and studied how to make money on computers in the evening. In the evening, I will copy the important notes in my notebook, and at the noon of the second day, I will take out my book and memorize it with my brain.

at Taobao in 2012

when I was driving Taobao, I sent toys to the toy shop, but at the end of the year, the toy Taobao could not be sold, and I didn’t send toys anymore.

itself is a wild original vocabulary, and there are many opinions. Two dimensional circle of well-known Wikipedia website "Meng Niang encyclopedia" is so defined –


Abstract: at present, the company benefited from the two dimension field between 95 groups of users after the demographic dividend, fans and IP are closely connected and sub culture to the migration trend of mainstream culture, the capital markets are given two dimensional enterprise’s business expansion coefficient is very high.

in 2013

at that time, I opened Taobao to sell network marketing software, such as group software, add software, etc., when the bulk plus group software, or good. Then began selling number, group, also made a lot of money at that time. Later, I was forced to go to work.

studied SEO



in a few days, to 2017, and I was in the seventh year of Internet start-ups. Seven years, long? It’s a little long, but it feels so short, and it’s over six years before I know it. It’s not easy to get along this way, but it pays off in the end.

sold toys

analysis of derivatives consumption comes from the Taobao index. This "piracy and genuine flying platform, buying behavior animation derivatives is the most representative. >

diagram is the 2.5 dimension economy, the major industry area

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