Three basic ways of making moneyshlf1314 launches interactive pictures, video ads, Gadget, Ad

work is selling services, providing websites for others, providing advice, training and selling services. The biggest feature of selling services is: low cost!

investment, to put it bluntly, is to let your money help you to make money!

      shlf1314 – an DELL spokeswoman Diana Diana Adair said in an interview, this kind of advertisement called gadget ads, which appeared on the website of the side, similar to the content, but did not appear in the search results page. shlf1314’s YouTube and the company’s custom home page, ishlf1314, will also use this type of advertising. This year, shlf1314 agreed to buy DoubleClick and Adscape Media, an online advertising company. shlf1314 has also begun selling more ads on mobile phones. The launch of the gadget ads format will help advertisers measure the effectiveness of advertising by measuring how many people browse and click. commissioning editor admin01

1 and selling services:

      according to foreign news reported on September 19th, the world’s most widely used Internet search engine shlf1314 company launched "the same function as interactive advertising, to provide customers with video and image locked target shoppers. Intel, Honda, Six Flags Inc. and PepsiCo Inc PepsiCo., Inc. Sierra Mist brand, is testing the format of this ad.

      Susquehanna Financial, Ma Lian – Volcker Marianne Wolk said in an interview: "this kind of advertising will give users video appeal, not make them have compulsive dislike emotion. shlf1314 has been looking for an effective way to do video advertising." The New York analyst gave shlf1314 a stock investment rating of "positive", but he did not own the company’s stock. shlf1314 shares rose $11.58 to $4 at $546.85 on Wednesday afternoon, or 2.2%, to New York. The share price has risen by 19% this year.

if you and others say, others may think you are dreaming, but if you as long as you do, you will find it really can do it.

selling products is very easy, as long as your product selection is good, and then do a good job in sales, you can continue to make money. The key is to sell

started to feel independent when I was 18, and I was trying to make money and study to make money. Over the years, I have studied countless ways and patterns of making money and met very, very many friends who really make money. Later, I summed up all the ways to make money into the following three simple ways:

1, sell service,
2, sell products,
3, engage in investment

these three ways of making money, which one are you using now?


has a good investment that allows you to have a steady cash flow. Then I sleep all day, and I have money to come in.

3 and Investing:

investment does not necessarily require a lot of money, small investment make small money, big investment make a lot of money, so more money, less money is not a prerequisite for investment. Because, on the Internet, there is a return on investment more than 3 times the opportunity to make money.

these opportunities will often fly in front of your eyes, but because you lack the investment thinking, so you can not see. Once you have this idea of investing to make money, you’ll find all sorts of opportunities.

if you have a steady cash flow, you don’t have to worry about your livelihood, then you can have more time to do what you really want to do.

but selling service is tiring. Once you don’t provide service, then you don’t have any money.
2; sell products:

      such ads on the site at the side of the frame, play video and broadcast real-time news, the embedded image, consumers do not have to click to watch. Visitors can also post such ads on their own websites, shlf1314, a company based in mountain view, California, said in a statement today. shlf1314 annual sales of $100 billion, of which 99% generated from its web page and partner sites advertising sales, and these ads are basically text advertising form. Revenue growth has slowed in the past four years, forcing the company to find new ways to attract advertisers.

is much easier to sell than to sell products. Because you are not making money, but your product is helping you to make money.

, do you yearn for this kind of life?

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