Palm read science and technology listed on the rich the founder of 5 years, 400 times earnings liste

"in this case, we’re going to make a commercially available APP in a month, and it looks like it’s impossible, but we never doubted we wouldn’t do it.". >

most people enter the Internet, they began looking for products, looking for projects, yes, no product, no project, how to start an enterprise in the Internet?

Polytron Technologies Inc hereinafter referred to as "palm reading technology" previously submitted to the Shanghai Stock Exchange in the prospectus, palm reading technology in 2016 revenues of 1 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 87.23%; net profit of 77 million 200 thousand, year-on-year surge of 161.14%.

June 12, 2012, palm hyX was established nearly 4 years later, Zhang Lingyun, Wang Liang, Liu Weiping, Xiangjun respectively to 2 million, 1 million 900 thousand, 650 thousand, the price of 450 thousand yuan to Zhang Lihui, Cui Guotian two people holding hands hyX equity buyout. According to the prospectus shows that before 2012 in hyX future is unclear, as Xiangjun served as general manager of Beijing mohome Co. Ltd., to take a huge risk, full-time business has not joined hands hyX, owned by his friend Cui Guotian on behalf of the holders.

actually, this time you don’t find products, blindly enter a market is never a good thing, before this, one of the more important things you have to do! You should first find out their own position.

any success should be a byproduct of passion. If you’re just entering a project just because you want to get paid quickly, then you probably won’t be able to get much of it in the end!


choose the right market and accelerate the pace of starting a business? Here’s the secret of a marketing genius……

online reading field spring blows, July 28th, IPO successfully pass through palm reading technology.

however, in September 2015, he lamented that we were "too conservative" for 7 years of non financing and unlisted technology".

, go ahead, believe you can quickly find your own product, project, and wish you a successful start!

can make everyone confused is: every day will receive a lot of advertising, selling items, promotion products, selling tutorials…… Everyone speaks good attractive Oh, as if it were raining flowers, but how to choose

!How exactly should

palm reading technology prospectus shows that in September 2008, Zhang Lihui and Cui Guotian two people were invested 255 thousand and 245 thousand yuan to set up a palm reading technology predecessor palm hyX, and during the next two years will increase the registered capital 5 million yuan.

before entering the market, put their own thorough analysis, which you are familiar with the market, you love what products, then to analyze the need of these products in the market of prospective customers what pain, trauma and desire. Finally, find the product to meet their needs and solve their pain.

shareholder Zhang Lingyun holds 122 million shares of palm reading technology, which accounted for 30.5% of the shares, the issue price in accordance with the plan about 26.2 yuan, these stocks will be worth about 3 billion 200 million, compared with the original he invested 8 million, added 400 times.

9 years 8 degrees capital increase

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you can’t decide what product you want to make through common analysis, or you can’t be ignorant because someone says it’s easy to make money in an area. Get into this field!

give yourself some time, between entering the market, these things straighten out, can play twice the result with half the effort, it allows you to take a lot of detours, you can spend a lot of money wasted……

Hunan people Xiangjun in palm reading technology annual meeting recalled, in 2009 the company has just set up soon, only a mobile phone operating system manual team hands, but received the first demand from Changhong, a month after the submission of a commercial product.

this order wrong, you have to find the products will be difficult to meet your requirements, you must start from scratch, familiar with the market; or do not love soon, things should be long lasting enthusiasm, really hard to do.

! !So

Zhang Lingyun, a Xiangjun hard work for more than 8 years, online reading the Dongfeng founders and investors will finally be long in coming, picking fruit.


do your familiar market! Sell your favorite products!

palm reading technology into Xiangjun, once listed, Wang Liang and other natural person shareholders and 35 shareholding employees, will quickly realize the value of wealth, 2015 shares at the end of the palm reading technology zhangqu technology, Austrian flying entertainment holding company will also get a lot of investment income.


"let’s take a global look at who has become an excellent enterprise through capital operation, none of them."." Palm reading technology CEO in 2016 Xiangjun palm reading technology conference that only through the capital operation of enterprises can not become good.

Palm reading

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