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is to create something really interesting, but that’s not enough.  

in the past thirty years, Sun Zhenyao has won the "mission Tatsu" good reputation. Such strict discipline derives from his two years’ artillery career. In 1977, when he graduated from college, he was taken to Kinmen to perform military service. There, for the first time, he saw the Milky way for the first time in a completely dark night because of the curfew, and for the first time he lived and died.

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Beijing Hotel VIP Building toast each other but Sun Zhenyao was not happy, can be said to a bad state. The perfect performance comes from adequate preparation – the golden sentence of Sun Zhenyao’s belief in years of hard work that seems to have lapsed, and he finds himself unable to see the way forward. The age of 56 is not an age for failure, and he is no longer able to turn back.

Sun Zhenyao

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his philosophy of management is that he believes in subordinates and believes that companies must do their best to create the right environment. In 2000, he took office as president of HP China, the first thing is to set up HP business school. >

    Sun Zhenyao, who never slept because of his work, remembers clearly that he lost sleep on the night of September 24, 2012. A few hours later, his start-up company launched its education technology, and he still hasn’t decided what the company is going to do.

method lures visitors to click ads. But good content has an endorsement effect on advertising. Good content lets people lower their resistance to advertising and let the ads see

but every time you implement an optimization measure, you must follow the effect of this optimization.  

Joe Drinker has a nice website on " how to brew beer at home ". The Adsense revenue for this site is passable, but still higher than

after you successfully register your Adsense account, the first thing you usually want to do is to adjust the format and placement of the ads so that the ads fit into your website,

in the same year, the United States formally severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan. At that time, Sun Zhenyao didn’t spend much time students has joined the Bangong half read HP, ultimate way to achieve HP global vice president. "You can’t miss any chance of promotion. If you miss someone else, you’ll have to go up. I’m lucky enough to miss any chance."." Sun attributed his success to luck – catching up with the first wave of global IT development and being in an important market in China, all that seemed logical.

in a war situation, any small mistake can hurt one’s life. "Under the bed there are grenades, rifles and gas masks, ready to be ready any time.". There are soldiers and deputy commander bickering, night shot and killed a man." Sun Zhenyao told global entrepreneur. Two years later, he congratulated himself that he was finally out of the army and was able to return home to Kaohsiung alive.

in the center of the storm Sun Zhenyao in HP as a total of 10 jobs for the 18 bosses, experienced 7 major organizational change, every time he can be an ruotai. Sun seems to have a supernatural ability, he can always accurately determine the direction of the wind and protect themselves. "I’ve been in HP China for a while, and I’m pretty sure what the boss does, and the new boss gets the job and knows what to do."."

considers the following example:  

land. The Adsense statistics of the website for a week are as follows:  

content, which is the key to quickly increasing your income. However, once the ads are in place, what will the next step be? You are beginning to fumble for more detailed optimization of your wide


reports that you want to further increase your click through rate through various changes.  

to get more information about these products, learn about the latest offers, and even order online.  

boss relies on him most is executive ability – the task that the beginning of the year confessed, he can finish by the end of the year. As a professional manager, what he does best is to make all the uncertainty into certainty. More than 20 years of training as sun month after month and year after year, watch a precise time.

, in the last chapter, we discussed the content of the web site. shlf1314 will not allow you to request visitors to click ads, nor will it allow you to cheat

is more believable and more interesting.  

, for example, suppose you have a web site whose content is objective and unbiased reviews of some products, then visitors will be more likely to click on the corresponding ad

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