The dream starts from the open shop, looks at three young people’s creativity, diligently, insistsFi

e-commerce has provided a platform for young people who lack funds and experience. However, low threshold does not mean easy success, but success requires more. This issue describes the opening of an online shop for three young people, creative, hardworking and persistent…… The key to the success of these entrepreneurs is equally important to them.

first. Bottleneck of traffic

third. Visitor articles are rejected,

second. Face criticism correctly,

bottleneck is believed to be a must for every web site, and every blogger will worry about it. When you see the blog continues to grow and constantly have new readers to join my heart is certainly very excited, but when access to a time when will reach a traffic bottleneck, at this time the bloggers must come up with some feasible methods to improve your visitors, you can pay to exchange links with others, every day write comments on different blogs, making these comments to drive traffic to your blog.

"is to insist on!" the cat goo later success attributed to the store, the couple simply insist, entrepreneurship is not easy, need to accumulate and persist. In order to enhance competitiveness, the couple further defined the "balcony vegetables" positioning, a little optimization of sales methods and service methods. By the spring of second, "vegetable growing on the balcony" is becoming more and more popular. The monthly seed sales exceeded 10 thousand packs, and the seed shop has come to the harvest season.

balcony vegetables, kind of life,

The rise of

criticism can make a person progress, but also can make a person lose confidence, of course, it depends on how you face and deal with. The same, when your blog development to a certain extent, is accompanied by some readers to leave comments and criticism against your blog opinion, even some bloggers criticize you attempt to copy other successful blog. It’s time to look at your attitude. If you feel the criticism is right and you’re not suited for it, then you’re wrong. We should take this as a good thing, because these people are brought to your blog traffic, that give you people commenting your critics that he read your blog, concerned about your blog, but also through the criticism of others to do self-examination, improve next time.

Gao Yuwen painted

for sales, the couple is trying a new idea, "just sell enough, but also teach people grow." Set up "balcony vegetables" forum was put on the agenda. "At first it was out of interest, but wanted to have a platform for the public to share the joy and experience of growing vegetables."." The cat said goo. Later, more and more people discovered <


write access message to attract more visitors to visit you every blogger will tell you, this is certainly right, but for some novice blog by some large blog site first accept is difficult, when you are a large blog site refused to remember, don’t give up, keep trying. Or go to a small or medium blog site to publish blog can increase your blog traffic, and secondly, published in these blog blog can receive your blog site as example.

, a creative seed, has grown into a long-awaited house for 4 years. Next, it will continue to grow and become a suburban eco farm. 4 years, patronize "peach 00 demon" online seed shop, has accumulated to 100 thousand people.

blog is very popular in the past few years, money from a blog is many webmaster friends longing for things, as long as the hair articles can attract many visitors every day, whenever the visitor clicks on ads on your blog will give you pocket bring RMB even $. But is it really so easy to be a blogger? What should we pay attention to? Let’s talk about blogging for five,

The term

2009, full time mom, 66, just arrived in Beijing soon. At this time, in the face of a series of Sanlu milk powder food safety cases, 66 feel insecure, also worry that children do not eat fangxincai. Online games to steal food normalizing let 66 eyes bright, why not grow their own vegetables? 66 and her husband began pondering the cat goo. There is not enough room in the house. "Can you use the balcony?" after trying, they found the idea very tricky.

fourth. Don’t be too quick to make money.

chose the blogger this road is the reason in there are many bloggers on the Internet to make money, because most of them have been running a blog for a long time, master the method to let the blog to make money, in fact, many successful bloggers will experience test and failure. What we’re not doing now is not making money, but taking time to find ways to make money for our blogs, for example, there are

put it into action right now. In early 2009, the balcony vegetable shop opened. The shop open, "just 00 going to sell, very difficult". A series of practical problems come to us: don’t know where to go on the goods, no guests into the shop, delivery efficiency is low, inventory will not be managed…… After some agonizing, 66 cats and goo that money we earn the truth, they found the delivery partner by others door-to-door delivery, earn more, they take less. They also rented a blank room, specializing in inventory, the small business slowly on the right track.

then, they were wondering if they could open such a store on the Internet. After an investigation, they found it very tricky. "For city people, getting the seeds to germinate is new." 66, and stealing food games also give people the urge to actually grow vegetables, and more importantly, they find that the horticultural shops in the market sell only seeds of flowers and vegetables, and sell vegetables with less seeds.

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